Pain from Crystals?

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Forums -> Magic Items -> Pain from Crystals?

Pain from Crystals?
Post # 1
So i bought a really beautiful dark red carnelian bracelet the other day and it is from India. I have been wearing it for healing towards depression, for balance and focus. I wear it on my ankle at work, (because i work in fast food and i always bump into things) and then i wear it on my wrist at home. I would like to add in that i don't wear it tight at all. I have noticed that i have been getting slight pain where ever i wear it. I even have it loose too. pain is like when your joints feel tense and you kind of crack them or flex them to relieve the pain. I am wondering what is causing this and can certain crystals cause physical pain?
i have cleansed it under running water and in the sun as well. Should i cleanse it more?
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Re: Pain from Crystals?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Pain from Crystals?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
I don't think this is pain from the crystal itself, rather than the object being around your ankle to begin with. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable and if it weighs enough, it can make the tissue sore where it is situated on your body. This can happen with a lot of jewelry, or accessory items. It is precisely the reason why I don't wear any form of bracelet.

Is it doing it's job though? Do you feel healthier besides the pain you feel in those areas? I am sure another cleansing is fine.
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Re: Pain from Crystals?
Post # 4
I have never heard of crystals causing pain. I think I agree with the non-comfort of wearing it. You're just not used to it. Another cleanse won't hurt at all. Could also be you need a different shape, or a different fit of the bracelet. Try without it for couple days and see if there is a difference. You might end up turning it into a necklace. I've done that. Just a "get used to it' might be the answer. Try it all, and if it doesn't seem to be working for you, consider making it something else; necklace with matching earrings for example. Hope this helps. Blessed Be...
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Re: Pain from Crystals?
Post # 5
I have heard that crystals can bring bad spirits or ghosts good or not near you
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