A question about familiar

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A question about familiar
Post # 1
I've been reading around about familiars and what some of you have said, is that the familiar "chooses" the person. Could that mean that my cat Sable could be my familiar? My mother said when she brought Sable home when I was about five that the cat just walked up to me and basically has never left my side. I never go anywhere in the house without her basically. (she is not allowed outside since their are many dogs and since she is black and the superstitious people out there) I can't go to bed without her even though she ditches me later on but always comes back. So does that mean she has the possbility of being my familiar or spirit guide?
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Re: A question about familiar
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
She coupd be your familiar (if physical familiars are part of your beliefs) bases upon the description you gave. However, she cannot be your spirit familiar/guide (or whatever you prefer to call them) as they are -as obvious as it sounds- spiritual entities; often believed to be a part of your own spirit that manifests as its own being despite being a part of you. Neither of which -physical and spiritual- are you limited on how many you can have. Many people have stated that they have asked the animal in question to be their familiar. Then some have done practices to which the animal in question has aided in one way or another. Others have said they just knew. You could try and figure out the answer based on one of the aforementioned methods and take note of her reaction (s), particularly concerning the first and second.
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Re: A question about familiar
Post # 3
Ok that makes sense that spirt is spiritual therefore intangible what do I need to ask her? Do I ask her if she is my familiar then?
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