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Get inside a movie
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Is there magic that can get you inside a movie? I want to go inside this movie..just like. Not permanently. At least not for now. I want to be able to get inside this movie made in the 1980s but based on the 1960s. I'm not talking about staying forever, I can just come and go as I please in, or out of the movie. Like I could have another life from the one I'm living in. And maybe someday, I'll decide to stay there permanently. Like, I could get inside the movie for the first time. Get friendly with everyone and get to know everyone so they at least know who I am. Then I could just simply leave and go back to my life. Without changing the movie or anything. Then another day I decide to visit the movie again, and everyone will still know who I am. You know what I mean? Have this be like a regular thing. Just come and go in and out of the movie whenever, wherever. Or without changing the time frame. Like if I spend 2 hours in the movie, then 2 hours will pass normally in my life. I'm not just talking about teleporting my mind. I mean physically. My whole body. Without having the movie end in an hour and a half like it normally does. Being able to spend time with them before the beginning of the movie and longer than the movie actually is. Like if I wanted to visit them everyday for the rest of my life I would get to see more than just what the movie shows. Like the rest of their life too. Without changing the characters, like, they won't know they're a movie, they'll think it's actually their life and behave the same way they do in the movie. Is that possible? To be able to teleport into a movie naturally, and maybe live in it.

Re: Get inside a movie
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First, Teleporting Physically does not exist. Impossible. You can Astral Project though.

Second, this is not Wizards of WaverlyPlace. You can not go in and out of movies. You can not even Astral Project into moves.

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