Explanation of my nightm?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Explanation of my nightm?

Explanation of my nightm?
Post # 1
Hey everyone,

Yes I am new, I don't know much, but I am learning. Here is my first dream:

I was at school, but I was very angry. I didn't do my homework and I said things that I should not have said, cusses and stuff, but I have been wanting to say them to some people, admittedly. I was trying to write a note 'from my mother' to get out of class. People kept on blaming me for things that didn't come from my locker, that were on the ground.

I started swearing at my cousin/only friend, calling her the b word and annoying and such. Then one of the popular girls defended her, and I tried to explain that she said mean things to me first, which she did. Then I was walking to class with my cousin, and she was going to food tech/home economics. She siad this:
"I always get nervous cooking, but then I imagine being home cooking. THen I imagine that you are terrible at cooking and if you have the bravery to cook, then I can," and walked off.

Then I was in the library for english .i wanted to handin my note, but I never finished writing all of it. There was a circle of chairs, all of them full . THere was one girl on the floor who smiled and patted the ground next to her. THen whenI sat down, she said:
"Oh right, I forgot," and moved away from me.People kept on whispering about what I did and stuff like that, so I yelled and got angry, something I would never do in real life, cause i am too afraid of the reaction ans such.
Then we left to go to the mall, and we went through the ticket booth, where cars go through, and then... we went on an airplane? We weren't on long, ut does that symbolise things.

So in my dream I:
Did things I don't have the bravery for
Didn't do my english projects (I havent done them yet)
Yelled and was alone for the entire day

Other people treated me:
With disrespect
Ignored me
Scrutinised me

And stuffles... I know it isn't what you may think a scary nightmare, but I hace anxiety and other things, so this is quite and overwhelming dream... Any thoughts on what my dream might be about will be appreciated!
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Re: Explanation of my nightm?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
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