Creation Deity: The Fool

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Creation Deity: The Fool

Creation Deity: The Fool
Post # 1
I am working on recreating my Book of Shadows, during my search for new myths/legends/stories to put in I discovered one that hailed 'The Fool' as being one of the deities involved in creation.
My question is if anyone else has ever heard of this? Also, any opinions?
Below is a link to the story.
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Re: Creation Deity: The Fool
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
I find this story an interesting personal creation myth. That being said, it is not one that resonates with me nor is it one from any particular Pagan culture. The Fool is, of course, one of the Tarot cards and those first appeared during the Middle Ages. In the Tarot, the Fool is not a Deity at all. I've never before heard it suggested that he was Divine.

I'd say that if you like the story then by all means hang onto it for your BOS. But it is neither a universal viewpoint nor one based in our pre-Christian heritage.
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Re: Creation Deity: The Fool
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
I just read the story and I love every bits of it though I never heard of it before.
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Re: Creation Deity: The Fool
Post # 4
the fool to me is a symbol of innocence and ignorance, the initiate before he is the magician, before he is initiated. I'm not sure i've heard of him in any creation story. Sometimes the fool is shown as residing in malkuth.
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Re: Creation Deity: The Fool
Post # 5
So I loved the idea of the The Fool as a creation deity so I took him for one and wrote him his own Charge. Please tell me what you think!

The Fool
The Fool: The spirit of playfulness, joy and human nature.
The Trickster: Doubt that leads to curiosity and learning.
The Chaos: The ability to change and grow.
The Sculptor: He that sculpted humanity the Lady?s womb, who heals and aids.

The Charge of the Fool
I am the smile on a child, and the joyous sound of laughter.
I am the will to game, and play from dawn till dusk.
I am the youth inside you that dares you, and leads you to excitement.
I am found when you choose to believe, and dare to have fun.
I am he who gifted all that you are in mind, and body ? heart and soul.
I am the one who gave you doubt, and the will to learn.
I am trickery, and spirited mischief guiding you into trouble, beware!
I am found at the start of April, and in the moments of playful deceit.
I am Chaos the breeds inside you, and allow you to grow and change.
I am the beast that dogs your steps, rends your life astray.
I am that which drives you, and gifts you barriers to overcome.
I am found in moments of confusion, and times of misconception.
I am the one who sculpted within the Lady?s womb, and gave you substance.
I am that which heals your life?s wounds, and lends you aid when asked.
I am the uniqueness of each life, and the body in which you dwell.
I am found in fingerprints, and the soulful eyes.
Remember always, my children, to learn, and play in the rhythm of my laughter.
And hold sacred ever opportunity for growth and change with which I bless you.
And honor the temple in which you dwell, as it was created from love.
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