Late Introduction...

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Late Introduction...
Post # 1
Good evening, you may call me Zen. I'm an artist and my personality can get a little abrasive online, but I do try my best to remain as docile and calm as possible.

For the past years it has been on my mind to officially start using and learning to control magic (Magick? Or magik? Someone tell me why some people spell it differently!) Finally, I've decided to go at it full-throttle. (I don't tell my friends or family, so it's my own little secret...)
I realize a lot of it isn't the candles or herbs used in spells, it's your own willpower and concentration. I'm a very restless person, though...Learning to control my own mind is going to be tough.

Would anyone like to be a learning buddy with me? I'm mainly interested in telepathy/communication spells. My main goals are to become good at telepathy and astral (which is a pity because my mind is working against me every step of the way...)

Thank you for reading :)
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Re: Late Introduction...
Post # 2
Magick spelled with a K is the way many practitioners separate it from the slight of hand magic.
I can't be a study partner for you, but your welcome to mail me questions if you wish.
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Re: Late Introduction...
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Hi ZenBlood welcome to the site.I've gotta simliar problem to yours so try meditating each day whenever its quiet.You can also try visual exercises like sitting infront of a candle and watching it.I like doing this because the flame moves a lot and that grabs my attention quicker than inanimate object just see how long you can focus on it,hell just go outside to the park/beach.Relax yourself take in nature(pay special detail to how everything looks feels etc.)then close your eyes and recall the image just that image see how long you can keep that one image,strip away the sounds of people and animals around you and just focus on the settings(each tree,bench etc.).If you keep training your mind like this you will gain control of it and be able to cast aside all unwanted thoughts in other words your mind will be set on focusing your tasks.
Also when meditating cause its what you need to do alot focus on your breathing,with your eyes closed feel and hear the beating of your heart and drown out everything else.
hope that helps.
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Re: Late Introduction...
Post # 4
Welcome to SoM!

Meditation, and working with Charkas, can help you ease your mind.

Use the "articles" tab, at the top of this site, or look through the correct section in the forums.

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