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Post # 1
Why is mankind so prejudiced against wiccans? The people at my school seemingly exclude me from their friendship circles. Some give me angry glares when I ask them if I can join their conversation. I don't fit in my family or at school.
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Re: Prejudice
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Its not just wiccans , its anyone who is different. We are hardwired to fear the unknown , so its quite a common thing and will always exist , the only thing you can do is show them that its not something scary...wierd or.....imaginery. Prejudice is just a part of existance , if it wasnt sopost to exist it wouldnt , so its best to adapt. Good luck.
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Re: Prejudice
By: / Novice
Post # 3
like Sillieh said, the world hates people who are different because they fear the unknown. it was placed in us a long time ago, someone's different, they mean us harm. think about everyone who died being accused of something against the norm? witch trials for example. when Christianity was chosen to be the main religion of the land, the followers stormed into temples of the Pagan gods, destroyed what they could and killed the priests to end the religion. or take when explorers discovered new worlds, the natives were different, therefore savages, and were initially killed, later forced into conforming. most civilizations who first met with explorers are gone now, as the settlers moved deeper into the land, the natives weren't all wiped out. [example, the Iroquois of Eastern Canada first met the French explorers, and they're all gone today.]

for the fact you're Wicca, i refer again to the prejudice of Witchcraft. depending on your area you'll find more hatred or acceptance. over all, i've noticed most people don't know what 'Wicca' is, i started out Wiccan but have branched, so i tend to just go by 'Witch'. if someone asks me, and i say 'Wiccan' it's a 50/50 chance they know what i mean. every time i say 'Witch' though, everyone knows that term, but most go with 'evil satan worshiper' simply because that's what they were taught. the majority of people are some form of Christian. [not all Christians are mean, i know a lot of nice Christians, we all do, but there are some who are prejudice] there are a lot of people, when they hear you're into Witchcraft, will think back to flying on broomsticks, green skin, casting black magic at midnight under a full moon before a bubbling cauldron and cackling. this stereotype is really bad since we're trying to prove to people most of us are really nice people who want to live in peace.sadly most of us also live within the broomcloset, and many who are loud and proud pagans aren't helping our case.

it might be hard, but try to ask them why they don't like you. if they say it's 'because you're a witch' try explaining to them your faith in quick points [peaceful, 'of the earth', i cast only good spells, no 'black magic'] second option is to make a honey jar so they'll be nicer to you, but i don't see why you'd want friends that way if that's the intent of the spell. try a spell to attract friends but not a particular group.
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Re: Prejudice
Post # 4
What brought people to think and fear the unknown? Does the ego have anything to do with it?
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Re: Prejudice
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
Fearing the unknown is directly from our evolution. Fearing the unknown kept primitive people alive, fearing the unknown keeps animals alive, and fearing the unknown keeps postmodern man alive. It's actually a natural reaction that we overcome later, if we didn't have it, we would die much quicker.
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