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Urgent money
Post # 1
I have a request. What type of spell could realy help me in recieving money urgently so that i can provide for my mother and father. Im in need of money and unemployed. Recieving a job to secure that even will help. I need a job. Which path can i follow? Wiccan? Pagan? Voodou? Astral? Please help.
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Re: Urgent money
By: / Novice
Post # 2
No one can tell you what path to follow that is down to you, they can tell you what one has helped them but your experience may differ.

Firstly don't go looking for money spells none of them are going to make it rain coins down on you and the ones that do work do so in more of a trickle. I would look for spells that will help you be more suitable for the jobs you are looking for. Something perhaps to make you more assertive or confident or one to open the way for you. Make the means of making money your focus not the money itself.
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Re: Urgent money
Post # 3
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Re: Urgent money
Post # 4
This is it! make sure you have an idea of vacancy where you would want to be employed. And then find out the names of the person in charge of employment in the organisation. The first thing is: get an old coin you cherish and write your name at the back with green pen. A green candle. write the name of the organisation in a plain white piece of paper with a green pen. Stand on your feet while you are holding the coin and the paper, visualise how you want to be in the organisation as you see the picture of the organisation in the paper. Rap the coin with the paper and burn it in a bowl. As it burns see the organisation and the coin becoming one while, you see the smoke goes into the cosmic. Pick the coin and say this words of intent: 'nothing sees itself in the mirror and denial itself: for I and (call the name of the organisation) are one'. Light the candle, visualise yourself and intent in the candle as it burns. Ware the coin on you or put it in your pocket. As your get to the organisation pronounce the name of the person in charge of employment 7 times on the coin and then your names 7 times. Afterwhich, it is done. Mind you, the very day you are going to do this mail me so that I can sit in the temple for you as you do this for focus agreement. Blessed be!
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