Is there a truth?

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Forums -> General Info -> Is there a truth?

Is there a truth?
Post # 1
There are many different views and paths in occultism and the practice of magick, I was wondering for everyone's opinion on one matter:

Is there a truth and a single view to all of this? On that should not be argued?
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Re: Is there a truth?
Post # 2
I believe the universe has all these religions for a reason and that reason is to show connection. We are all different and thus have different prespectives. Just go with what you believe is best for you. I do believe in a truth, but it is hidden with thoughts and wonders. We can only truely know when we die.
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Re: Is there a truth?
Post # 3
Its true what Grg says, us human beings have different points of view of what the truth really is and tis hard to say which one is the real truth; So my opinion is to keep moving forward in what you believe and during that time to learn more in what that really is.
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Re: Is there a truth?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
We're not all the same, so there are many different paths. That way we can find the right one for us. There are some realities that we must all learn to work within, but how work with them is up to us. We are drawn to the path we need at any given time.

In my personal opinion, everything has something meaningful to teach. Within each path is a spark of Truth. Even if that truth is something like "Don't do this!", it is still there to be learned. I don't believe that any one path has the whole truth, no matter what anyone else claims.

My humble opinion,


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Re: Is there a truth?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
To me truth is a combination of objective and subjective truths that i have learned as i have lived. Finding which truths are real to me and which ones are not is based mostly on feeling, but common sense and logic weigh the other side too.
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Re: Is there a truth?
Post # 6
Yes there are a few factual truths. First we, all of us, are human beings. We all see the world first from our own perspective and thought processess. We have all traveled different paths to get to where we are now and those experiences also affect how we see the world and how we think. Some of these have been ingraned in us since we were children and it is harder for those beliefs to be tested and either accepted or thrown out. And some we have developed on our own and we can change them only if we want too or think we need too. So logically our world is a world of perspective. What do we think is best for us and what either draws us to it or pushes us away.

On the flip side I estamate that 75% of the world is religious or spiritual in some way shape or form. I think that we as humans need some form of higher calling or spiritualzation in order for us to survive. We need morals and laws to stabalize our culture and to keep us from eating each other and wiping ourselves out from the face of the world. I also find it interesting that many of the religions of the day and even the old ones are similar in many shapes and sizes. Anyone who says other wise in my opinion has not studied their own or others religions to a deep extent. Even christianity and pagan faiths are similar in many ways.

So yes in my opinion there are many of the same lines between all paths and faiths no matter what they are. And that in my opinion since it is all about how I percieve it is the truth of the matter.
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