Fairly New to Tarot

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> Fairly New to Tarot

Fairly New to Tarot
Post # 1
HI everyone, I'm fairly new to tarot, but I'm enjoying it immensely, I still have to look up the meanings of the cards in a book. I was wondering if anyone has a good method of learning the book meanings of the cards. Also do you recommend any tarot sites? I do read them without the book meanings as well. But would like to be more knowledgeable. I would like to discuss tarot with members though mail as well. If that is possible.
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Re: Fairly New to Tarot
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Do about 5-7 cards at a time. summarize the meanings into two or three jot-note forms for each card.

Practice doing a 'reading' for yourself using only those cards. (Try using enough so that you have one or two not in the spread). Incorporate the cards into a story-like reading, with each of the meanings linked together to give you the final reading.

I've used this method, and it works the best for me. I hope I helped!!
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Re: Fairly New to Tarot
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Oh yes, it'll take about three weeks to learn the meanings this way, but it is the most sure-fire method I've played with. If you learn them any faster, you won't remember them. Do them in groups of 5-7 first, and once you've done each card in some time of small group, mix the groups by two. So, you should have around 10-14 cards in each group. Repeat the readings. By the time you do that a few times, you should know the basics of each card. (Don't try the reversed meanings until you are adept at the upward meanings)
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Re: Fairly New to Tarot
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
I usually tend to ignore the LWB or books that gives you the meaning since that is just too much to memorize and usually the meaning in other books are just one examples of how people see the tarot. I had done that method before and I quit afterward since it wasn't working with me and it made things complicated.

I usually like to make things fun and play with my cards since that was how it all started since it was a game in the first place.

The methods I use are:

- drawing out a card in the day and see how this card will relate to your day.
- make short stories using the cards cause the cards do tell stories of the people you are reading. I learned that the hard way now I use this method every time I do a reading for others
- buy a small journal and carry with you at all times for there will be times were an idea or meaning will come to you of one of your cards and you do not want to forget it so it is better to note it down
- look at your family, friends, acquaintances, etc and see which card best relates to them that way when you get a card you'll quickly remember what attitudes the cards have since the people you know are quite similar to it
- do the tarot talk
Ex. My day sure was like the tower all shocking since I wouldn't have expected to see Sally be like the 7 of swords being all sneaky and secretive of throwing me a birthday party.
- if you're interested you can learn numerology so it can enhance your readings as well astrology
- play with your cards I usually tend to use it to play solitaire since it is one of my favorite games to play
- I highly recommend you to read The Tarot Playbook by Lynda Cowles. You may think that the book seems childish or not professional but this book is amazing and will help you in your studies as well make it more fun and lively.
- I highly discourage to not use many cards to do a reading especially since you are new to it. Stick with 1 through 3 cards. I let you in a little secret. Not every reader even professionals readers use too many cards. They usually tend to use 3 - 4 cards. Believe me when I say this cause I learned that the hard way. Also using too much cards get confusing and even murky. The less you use the better. Another thing is the 3 - 4 cards are not usually the past, present, future spread. It's technally not a specific spread; more like just read the cards on how you see it using only the first 3 cards and the last card is to clarify it for you or summarize the whole thing.
- experiment and have fun getting to know your cards for it is worth it. Once you get to know it you'll find out the personality of your deck. Hell, they at times can be very sarcastic with you *glares at my deck*

That's some of my methods but use methods that will help you or satisfy your need. Everyone has their own way to learn the tarot. The advice I'm giving you is to go experiment and be patient. Don't rush things and have fun. :)

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Re: Fairly New to Tarot
By: / Beginner
Post # 5

You may disagree with me hell other will too but you can get a lot of information using only 3 - 4 even the most complex question. That's no lie. You may or may not think so but remember ever reader is different. Not everybody use the same spread or method. That ends my conclusion.

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Re: Fairly New to Tarot
Post # 6
Thank you all for your ideas! There are some very good ones. I also just checked out the numerology, under fortune telling, today. I was floored. It was so dead on. I would like to learn about numerology as well. I am new to most of this. I wandered onto this page looking for tarot information and have found a community of helpful people, as well as a site with a lot of information that is helping me. I recently fell away from the religion I was raised in (Southern Baptist) and I'm searching for a new path. Thank you all for your help!
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Re: Fairly New to Tarot
Post # 7
Thank you DarkM00n, I have began reading a card a day for myself, I do not have many people to read for, at least on a regular type of basis, so I am going to use the 5-7 cards at a time readings to help learn the meanings of the cards. I also am sticking with the upright meanings until I master those, which may take some time. I am looking for a tiny notebook to jot down meanings as I see them, and ideas on readings and general thoughts on cards etc. If any of you would like to talk through mail or pm, that would be greatly appreciated.
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