strange occurence

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strange occurence
Post # 1
Hi, I am fairly new to witchcraft (about a year and a half) and I have been casting spells quite frequently during this time. But tonight I cast a summoning spell and while i was thanking them for answering my call i felt like i was on fire and got extemely nauseous. During the cast it was cold in my room, I have felt warm and cold before after spell casts but nothing this intense and nothing that felt like a jump from 60 to 100 degrees. Could this be because it was a different type of magik? Any incite on this would be much appreciated.
Blessed be.
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Re: strange occurence
Post # 2
You have to realize that there are things out there that are more powerful then we are at a given time. Thus one should never summon something outside the range of what they can hold and control. Just because you cast a circle does not mean that your energy is strong enough at that time (especially if you are a newbie) to hold and bind that which you summon. The presence of a spirit of some sort usually produces the temp changes of which you descirbe. Also the air can be displaced causeing a pressure change in the place which creates a ringing in your ear like if you were on a plane.

Also remember that if you use a summoning spell and you do not specify what you want to summon then you are opening the door from pretty much anything and everything that hears the call and feels the energy to respond. So summoning must be taken seriously.
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Re: strange occurence
Post # 3
I was doing a spirit summon with a black mirror, in a cast circle. First i summoned a passed realative who died quite a few years ago with good success. After that i tried to summon my friend that died a few days ago and that was where the oddity happened. After yes i did banish, closed my circle and recleansed my room (i have a special room dedicated to my craft so i can leave everything out)
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Re: strange occurence
Post # 4
I did cast in the circle with me, so what younsaid does make sence. And i was using the mirror to see "who" i was communicating with. First one was good secind nothing showed its face and then that weird stuff happened so i thanked all the spirits that came, performed a banishing incase something i didnt want ame through and closed thecircle.
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