what is a good tarot spre

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> what is a good tarot spre

what is a good tarot spre
Post # 1
hello there i wanna kow a good tarot spread to find out if someone is coming or if a certain spell worked or not
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Re: what is a good tarot spre
By: / Novice
Post # 2
That would depend on what you are wanting to know.
If it is just basic I like the three card representing past, present, and future or the five card spread representing the same but with two transition cards in between.
They are basic but work well for me. There are all kinds. It is just a matter of finding one that works for you and having the right deck also helps, if you don't really like the deck then your negative energy will effect the outcome too. Researching all the spreads and decks never hurts, only helps. :)
It also depends on the spell that was cast.
You can ask them yes and know questions. I read them like this: if the card laid is in the normal position it means yes, if upside down it means no, but always check the mean of the card in the position it is in, it maybe trying to tell you something.

Hope this helps and Blessed Be
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Re: what is a good tarot spre
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
I'm not really a fan of yes or no questions but you can get a lot of information just by using one card. Get a feel to it, look at the colors of the card and what does it tells you. If you feel that you are not getting the information you need than get another card to clarify it for you. If you do not want to use that method you can use the 3 cards.

All upright is yes
All reverse is no
If the middle is reverse and the rest of it is upright that is a maybe.

Just use a method that works for you but the more cards you use it can get confusing or murky especially if you are new to tarot.
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Re: what is a good tarot spre
Post # 4
I agree with all of what has been said.

You can decide prior to the reading what kind of information you need and therefore what kind of reading to do.

For basic questions use one card or just a simple 3 card draw.

For a more general overview use the horseshoe or 7 card spread. I use these for questions around divination generally

A simple reading is the 10 card Celtic cross which gives you a nice snapshot of the influences around.

For spiritual readings use the tree of life spread.

When I read for other people, they usually want to know about themselves, their relationships, and the influences affecting their outlook for the next few months. For this I use a 21 card spread in 3 rows of 7.

Alternatively, invent your own. If there is not enough information or you do not have a clear idea of what a specific card or part of the reading means, draw another 3 cards.

Hope this helps

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Re: what is a good tarot spre
Post # 5
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