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Post # 1
i want to start a discussion on summoning demons.
i have started to wonder about the possibility of using demons to accomplish my goals.
this is a dangerous game and i do not suggest anyone start going down this path, but if there is anyone who is already doing this i want to ask something.
do you know a sure fire way to control a demon without said demon taking anything from you?
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Re: demons
Post # 2
Considering demons cannot physically manifest in this plane, one of the biggest issues with this is becoming paranoid. And, like other magicks, you would have no true way of making sure a demonic spirit would do exactly what you wanted.
Honestly, I feel that going to all this trouble has very little use and could be easily replaced by usual spells and stuff.
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Re: demons
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Yes, there are people who work with the evocation of demons. You are right that there are several dangers. As I often say on this site, if you are going on to an internet forum to ask people you don't know about how to do magic, you are not ready to be evoking anything.

I assume that given your screen name you are only interested in summoning. Well, summoning is one of those things that requires a lot of other skills and if you don't take the time to develop them you will not be successful and run the risk of experiencing the previously mentioned dangers.

Also, you never get something for nothing. Keep that in mind.

Learn the basics and learn them well. There are no short cuts. The psyche you save may be your own.


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Re: demons
Post # 4
all you have to do is find the Seal of Solomon(king Solomon's ring). Sadly enough it probably never existed, or if it did is lost forever. In abcence of that, I would suggest not pursuing it if you have to ask. Demons are hard to control for a short time. That difficulty is exponentially higher over time. Also nothing likes to be controlled, so its a good way to get yourself haunted or worse.
Best of luck
In my humble opinion
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Re: demons
Post # 5
Try summoning angels first.

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Re: demons
Post # 6
A demon isn't a pet it cannot be tamed it can only be befriended it will appear to ur call in return for his favors u must intune yourself with just one demon for goetic(satans legion) non goetics(wonderers casted out of heaveb )dnt get along personally I believe in god or just simply righteousness they will go against u if u do not turn into there physical bodied slave best I can say is work with angels there 10% nicer more powerfull n they wont betray u simple they just leave
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