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My element
Post # 1
I really want to know my element but I don't know how. I mean when it rains falls I feel like I can feel what the water feels and I love rain. I also can make water hot when im in the shower (really useful). I also can smell the humidity of the air and I am really good at predicting when it will rain. Also I feel like I'm really I'm really in tune with fire I get entranced by fire and its Beauty I feel kinda of connected to it. With earth I feel like it heals me when I'm sick and air in a way feels like it tries to comfort me. But in a way I feel like they are all connected to me. So how do I know what is my element
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Re: My element
Post # 2
We are all connected to the 5 elements. You may have a stronger, deeper, better connection to water than air, but there's a connection none the less.
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Re: My element
Post # 3
I had a similar problem, I loved the air element (my first familiar was a bird) and I look forward to the summer because it means I get to go swimming in the sea, so I had a connection to both air and water, but I have always felt connected with earth - content with simply sitting in a tree for hours. But I suggest meditating on it, my element is earth and I wouldn't have it any other way! :) hope this helps! BB )o(
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Re: My element
Post # 4
there is an other way to find you element because the zodic is not always right the best way to find you element is through medation
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Re: My element
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
I had this problem too. I could always feel what it's like to fly in the air even though I've never been in a plane. I always like the coolness of the water( once when I was swimming at a beach I didn't come back to the shore for next 5 hours!) and I like the fire. I think it is really beautiful. And as for the earth, I love the trees and I gets upset when a tree is cut down.
But later on I discover my element is air. Good luck finding yours.

Blessed be,
Sliver wind
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