My Element..?

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My Element..?
Post # 1
Hello ^^..
I would like to know a way for me to find my element.. Lets say that I'm kinda close to water air and earth.. Water.. with me its hmm.. I love rain sea oceans etc.. when ever it rains i just want to put away umbrella and chill.. also on summer my mom need to beg me like 2 hours to get out of sea and and so on.. really love water... as for air.. i can feel its smell different than when wind blow and pick up other smells and it feels like im in heaven when it slowly blows too.. sometimes.. not sure if its real thing or not but i hear voices like of animals but a lot louder but that happens rarely... earth.. i can feel its energy around.. for example if i put my hands on tree i can feel its energy flow.. actually learnt how to do it from my friend.. and i can feel like.. vibrations in ground O.o didnt use good word i suppose but still.. weird feeling.. its like you can feel earth.. as for fire im not really sure.. :S

anyway how can i find out whats my element? i would really love to know ^^..

thanks if you reply or mail me ^^
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Re: My Element..?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Seems like you've very well intune with multiple elements. You work with all the elements but some people believe you might be better at working with a certain element based on different things like connections you just described.
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Re: My Element..?
Post # 3
You may try the astrological key, based on your zodiac sign. My sign is Taurus for example, the element representing Taurus is Earth.
Here is the list of the corresponding signs with the elements:
Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Although as mention above, you can have certain connections with the multiple elements. I personally follow the astrological key and completely trust it
Blessed be and much love and light
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Re: My Element..?
Post # 4
Keep in mind that we are comprised of all elements and are not restricted to use or work with one. Many find it easier to work with one or two elements more than the others. Also many use the elements to describe personality traits.

Another fun little way of figuring it out if you wish is through palmistry. The shape of the palm and fingers have been put into the four categories of the elements. For instance I have what are called Water hands Long thin fingers with an oblong palm. Fire hands are also the same shaped palm but with shorter and most often times thicker fingers. Earth the palm is more broad and square with shorter fingers as Wind is the same shaped palm and longer slender fingers.
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Re: My Element..?
Post # 5
there is an other way to find you element because the zodic is not always right the best way to find you element is through medation
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