Thought forms

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Thought forms
Post # 1
i have recently been trying to make a thought form and have managed to make several minor ones but nothing to intense i was wondering if there were any ways/suggestions to make it easier to create a thought form
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Re: Thought forms
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Thoughtforms are generally emotions, thoughts, desires, intentions, that were so obsessed on that they, you know. Became more lifelike and see-able.

I know you didn't ask for information, but usually it takes a lot of energy, thought, and dedication. Otherwise it'll collapse. I don't a whole lot on the subject of thoughtforms. But I have studied about them a few times.

There is a article on this site about making them, somewhere. Sorry, but I cannot find it. I recommend searching through the misc. forums. And see what you find.
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Re: Thought forms
Post # 3
The thing about thought forms is they are energy.. Often emotional ones stick better, but there is always the the rule of use it or lose it, or out of sight out of mind. If you think about ghosts, you see the ones with unfinished business are usually powered by a strong emotion of sorts. (that also raises another issue, are there ghosts as well, or are all spirits thought-forms?( Trick question by the way)). That's what keeps them about, and also hard to get rid of. It is not easy or hard to keep a created thought-form, however. As we know, like seeks like, and so unused/unattended energy/forms will either become absorbed into a stronger one, or in some cases cleared away by similar means.

It may help to bind your thought-form to an object until it's presence is a common feeling to you. You could also tie it to time, ex: every hour, think of the form and re-establish a link with it, recall all the energy directly related to it. A while of doing this will help you to keep your forms in the front of the back of your mind, so to speak. Good luck, :)
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Re: Thought forms
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to General Info from Spell Suggestions.
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Re: Thought forms
Post # 5
i have been able to create and maintain thought forms for days sometimes weeks even though that is a helpful i might go about binding them to a symbol rather than a physical object but thanks for the suggestion
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Re: Thought forms
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
Look up servitor, egrigore, and golems for more info on useful thoughtforms used in magick. They are not difficult to make, what is difficult about them is that they taint easily and tend to get very creepy. Experienced magicians that utilize such techniques attach them to an object or sigil on paper that they can destroy to destroy the thoughtform if it becomes too chaotic and can no longer be controlled.

The only thoughtforms I use are ones I create within physical amulets, talisman, and wards to perform a certain action. I keep their instructions very strict and usually include something that constantly keeps the energy clean, such as black tourmaline or citrine.
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Re: Thought forms
Post # 7
my main problem as of lately is clearing the distractions in my mind so that i can focus fully on the task at hand i have been meditating and it has helped to some degree but i was wondering if there is anything else i can do to focus my mind.
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