What spells actually work

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What spells actually work
Post # 1
Hi i have been trying spells for a couple of months now i joined this website a while ago and i have tried lloads of spells some work some dont peaple on these forums are always saying u cant do this u cant do that what can u do?
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Re: What spells actually work
Post # 2
Use common sense. If it says it can turn you into something or someone else, allow you to control the weather or the elements, or grow animal appendages, etc then it wont work. Magic can't defy the laws of nature. If you can't do it without magic then you can't do it with it.
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Re: What spells actually work
Post # 3
The way we live now it is all thanked to energy, to magic:) We are make the way we are by magic, that is why we cannot use magic to change ourselev, nor to become H2O mermaids:))) I heard some people who wanted that:d
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Re: What spells actually work
Post # 4
Some of the spells here work ,and some of them do not.

Keep realizing what the differences between 'reality' and 'fantasy' are.

Learn what we can achieve by developing our spirituality and working with energies. We can psychic defense, achieve emotional states and affect feelings (which are associated with energy, thus they are spiritual), get a positive / negative attitude, or simply direct energies (feelings as well) upon a specific desire / intent.

What we can't achieve is a physical change, since things that belong to the spiritual field will always belong to it. Things that belong to the physical field will always belong to it as well. Physical changes talks about transformation, physical changes (appearance), etc.

Use your logic, maturity and personal experience with the craft and you're fine.
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Re: What spells actually work
Post # 5
Anything that seems like it jumped right out a fantasy world like changing into werewolves, mermaids, or vampires. Basically anything that's making obviously false promises you should avoid.

Truth is real magic doesn't work that way. In many cases for me, minimal spells have been the most successful. For example perhaps I did a luck/money spell and the next week I got hired. I had almost forgot I cast a money spell and then next thing I knew I was getting paid. Another good example would be if you used a love/friendship ritual, the next day the girl you like calls you to hang out, that one worked.

You just have to remember that minimal can be good, especially for a novice. Everyone fails spells sometimes, especially if you consider yourself a novice. Try making some of you own spells and rituals. I've found that the more faith you have in your magical ability and the spell itself, the more likely you will be successful. You see, when the words are your own it makes you more connected and confident. If you need help making your own spells, browse the website's spellbook and you can use what you learn from their to base you own versions on some of them.
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Re: What spells actually work
Post # 6

I agree with all comments. You do need to use common sense but also if the spells are written wrong, with the wrong ingredients etc then they might not work. If you don't have faith it will work then you've already failed. There's loads of different factors when spell casting, is it the right moon phase? Do you have the right colour candle? Lot's more. Just try & relax, focus, will& have faith. Sometimes thou the answer is no!

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Re: What spells actually work
Post # 7
I agree with all of what has been said.

I would add - make sure you are also doing everything you can in the physical world to enhance your spells chance of success.

We have all had spells backfire :)

Consider the moon phase, as suggested.
Also the planetary hour, day, and the mansion of the moon can be helpful.

Perhaps your visualization skills need work?

Do you need a crystal to help focus your magical intent?

Meditate, exercise, eat right. Stay away from drugs. Don't perform magick when you are tired angry or drained.

Perform divination to see what magical blocks you may have. Most importantly, keep practicing !

Brightest blessings
Dark Moon
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