Spirit guide afraid!?

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Spirit guide afraid!?
Post # 1
The years that I had a spirit guide, and to be able to see that spirit guide's black silhouetted figure come out of a wall, which was a portal, why would it, at one point in time, be afraid to disclose private information to another witch? That being, it implied, I would be furious if he, my guide, disclosed various information about me. That then also implies, why would my spirit guide, at the time, feel threatened by my emotions?

Aside from that, I have noticed, simply talking about something can evoke that being. That goes for witches, especially. Interestingly enough; for example, people talk about me, mention my name, repeatedly, then it is a surprise that I show up at their front door, and this being that I am already acquainted with he or she.

I used to show up at "convenient" times for others. I think I see a pattern here.

Recap. When I say recap, go back. Demeanor manifested when others call your name, blood is certainly thicker than water, it binds us and this "pulling" at one's spirit says something. Certainly, intuitive is being in tune with yourself.

No wonder why other shamans will haunt you, where I am from, if you simply talk about them or mention there name; all the while, knowingly knowing who they truly are. That is, if they are bad shamans they will haunt you.

I call a spirit's name, I see their orb buzz on in. Someone thinks or talks about me, I just may think of them, or confuse a feeling with theirs, or at times, if the "talk" is good I just may feel compelled to give them a visit. You know, at times I feel as though thoughts are only trying to come in that are not mine. Like, I will say to myself, this oddly proposed feeling and implementation is not mine, but I just know that, and that is the way it is.

Why would a spirit guide be afraid of the guided?
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Re: Spirit guide afraid!?
Post # 2
I am not offering a solution but this may help in the future. You have comma splice
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Re: Spirit guide afraid!?
Post # 3
Yeah. ;)
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