Element of spirit

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Element of spirit
Post # 1
I have had several people tell me that my element is spirit. Some of those people are reliable and some....not so much. Is it even possible? And if it is, what does it mean? What can I do with it? Some people say it gives me an affinity to all the elements & some say I have a better ability reaching out to deities and going to the spirit world) I don't know what to believe anymore
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Re: Element of spirit
Post # 2
Spirit is indeed an element, and it does have connections to all other elements, but not quite as strongly as you may be thinking.

Let me explain... The pentacle has 5 points on it, each of them a representation of one of the governing elements. Fire, Earth, Air, and Water, along with Spirit at the northern point.

Spirit is the representation of "self", and is the most "you"-centric of all the elements, and it's strength varies depending on your strength of will.

Any normal person is capable of developing a connection to the other 4 elements at any time through perseverance and strength of will. However, everyone is born with an innate connection to "spirit", because it's what defines all of us.

It's hard to give a concise description of exactly what it is because it varies so much from person to person, but I hope what I've written helps you understand a bit better
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Re: Element of spirit
Post # 3
it does thanks :)
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Re: Element of spirit
Post # 4
Elemental existences have several perceptional changes between various points of view. The Element Spirit is viewed differently as well by some people however there are certain remarkable definitions of what it truly is.

What I have been taught about the matter is quite the common explanation about this very specific element.
The element spirit is typically knows as "Akasha" and it is believed to be a type of binding force between the rest of the elements. In other words it is believed to be part of the other elemental existences.

Now then, the word Akasha which is another name of this element happens to have a meaning behind it. As far as I am concerned it is an East Indian word basically meaning interior space. This reflects a point of view attached to the belief that the Universe is either within, and without ourselves (I understand that this view is quite hard to understand to a deeper point).

To sum this common view about the Element spirit (Akasha), I will quote something I read in a book long time ago:
"It is beyond seasons and time, yet is all seasons and time. "

Anyway, it is believed to be a pure spiritual element however the thing is as I said at the beginning of my comment, it is a matter of perception and conceptual differences.

I find it difficult to explain and I probably did not cover everything I would like to, so I recommend doing some more reading about it.
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