help a witch out pls :(

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Forums -> Herbalism -> help a witch out pls :(

help a witch out pls :(
Post # 1
I got the regular herb seeds from Walmart but I'm looking for more herbs. If u would like to donate some herb seeds I will be most greatful!

Blessed be everyone
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Re: help a witch out pls :(
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Sorry to say I can't send you any but learning what is around you is a good start for free seeds.

Even in a city you will find seeds and herbs all over the place. from dandelions growing through cracks in concrete to purple toothcup. From what I remember from Uni Kansas has one of the largest biodiversity of grasses and wild flowers there is. The other plus is the naming of local plants is still young enough that its name sometimes reveals their use in herblore and folk medicine such as ebony spleenwort (Asplenium platyneuron) a native to your area. For more info try will give you great info about what you can find where.

Only thing you should remember is to check if any are protected in your area. Better to take a few seeds and be respectful than to go hacking a swath and remove something forever.

'Good walking boots and a guide to local flora are always a good investment.'
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Re: help a witch out pls :(
Post # 3
If you're really this desperate for herbs, look up and become familiar with their growing form, then go to your friends' and family's houses and look around their properties for the herbs you desire.
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Re: help a witch out pls :(
Post # 4

I agree with all the comments but also we aren't allowed to donate anything to anyone. You could look around the countryside, your be surprised what you find but please if your taking any herbs from a plant please ask the plant 1st & leave an offering. Try not to do anything that could potential harm not plant. I feel you should look on the ground if any herbs have fallen off. As you don't want to do any harm or be disrespectful. Blessed be <3

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Re: help a witch out pls :(
Post # 5
same thing as everyone said above me but just looke up and become familiar with "Wild Crafting" I love wild crafting, it really lets you develop a relationship with the spirits, nature, and your craft.
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