Psychic message?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Psychic message?

Psychic message?
Post # 1
Okay so i found a visualization (i guess) technique that helps you send feelings/emotions/energies to some one using your third eye.
At first it seemed to work, i used it to send energies to a certain person, energies of love and compassion (we where in a bit of a scuffle and he wouldn't talk to me, so i sent him those feelings and a bit later he called me and we worked things out).
I have also used it about twice more, and each time i could feel the persons , feel their warmth as if they where physically there.
Tonight i tried it, and it didnt work, i could feel the link like i normally can.
Could this be because i have had about 4 energy drinks? Or because i cast a large spell earlier?
If you are wondering what the technique was You basically envision the person standing in front of you and a line connecting the two of you by your third eyes. Then you pull the emotion through your chakras and push them through the line to the other person. Then when you are done you visualize you and the person standing back to back and then turning in towards each other.
Sorry its long! thanks for your help!
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Re: Psychic message?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
The technique you describe is not bad by any means. It seems that it would be most effective. Of course, there is also an issue of the awareness and openness of the target. If someone is not aware of things on a psychic level, they may not directly recieve the message. It might be recieved unconsciously.

There is a point of caution to be made here. If you are sending how you feel so that the person recieving it can make their own decission, I do not feel there is any harm in that. It is no different then telling someone how you feel. But, if you are sending it to the target so that the target will follow the course of action that you want, that is not good. Of course you can try to influence someone. You can do that without magic. But, you should not force someone to do something they don't want to do. There is a very small line between the two. Just make sure that you are aware of it and careful about your intentions, which can, of course, get away from us all in matters of the heart.

AS far as it not working due to the drinks, I feel that you should not use any type of intoxicant when doing magic. Libations are a different matter, but that is just a sip. If you are passing around a fifth of Jim Bean for libations, I think you missed the point somewhere. Not saying you went to that extreme, just making a point. I do think the alcohol could have interfered with the process.


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Re: Psychic message?
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
What you're describing sounds like a visualization intensive version of what those in my circles call Projective Empathy -- simply put, it's the process of broadcasting emotions to one or more other people.

If it doesn't work, it may be an error on your part, or your target may be shielding you out. Don't make the mistake of assuming that just because somebody doesn't practice magic, they don't have shields. My original mentor discovered that I had unusually strong natural shields even before I ever started learning... or fully believing.

Projective empathy can be a useful tool, but just like any other method of manipulating people it can be used either for good purposes or bad ones.
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Re: Psychic message?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
I literally just mentioned this to the Mentor that I spoke of, who knows a great deal more about Empathy than I do, and she says that you can improve your technique by using your Heart, Throat, AND Third Eye Chakras in concert. Feel it, say it, and see it.

You should join our Academy to learn more. Contact Astarte on this site if you'd like more information. We do a lot of research and study, but there is no pressure to put in more time than you have.
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