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Post # 1
What Path Do You Walk? Darkness, Light, or Twlight?
Your Result: Darkness, that leads to light

The path you walk is darkness, but there's still a little bit of light in your heart. You not evil, your just dark. Something bad happened, something that just changed you. This had a big effect on you, and your life. YOu may be a dreamer, or you may no be. Not much is known about you, and you're mysterious. You're very complicated, and very hard to understand. To some you may be seen as cold or distant. It's like you wear a mask hiding who you are. You may not even know who you are yourself. Maybe one day that path you walk will lead you to the light. Keep letting your candle burn bright, and never let it fade. Maybe you'll find the light some day, and all you're pain might fade away...

Twilight, because you don't know where to go

Twilight, because you go your own way

Never ending darkness

Light, because you know it's right

Light, because you're afraid of the darkness

Is darkness good or bad? I took a quiz on gotoquiz and those were my results. I love darkness but I wonder.
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Re: Darkness
By: / Novice
Post # 2
I would think that you would want to answer that yourself. Take a look at people who live in darkness. Are they happy? Content? have productive lives? Do they really appear to be in touch with reality? What type of people are they? Would you trust them with your life? Would you trust them with the lives of your loved one's? Are they on a path that you would like to follow?

Then, ask the same questions of those who live in light. Examine them. Make your own decission. The first virtue you should learn in magic is how to tell the things that have merit from the trival, the knowledgable from the incompetent, and what is right for you from what is not.

As far as normal people, I think most live somewhere inbetween, and that most want to live in the light but truely don't know how. As far as those of us who study magic... I'll keep that opinion to myself. Best not to anger one side or another. (Discression is the second thing we learn.)


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Re: Darkness
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Firstly I'd not read too much into an online quiz. If it resonates with you then there could be some truth in it but to the whole.

Many perceive darkness as the opposing force of light and the two in perpetual conflict. I like to think of it not as the opposite of light but the 'absence' the absence of something is very different to the opposite.

The opposite of light is something very much different and just as bright.
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Re: Darkness
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

I really wouldn't put too much thought into something out of an online quiz.

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Re: Darkness
Post # 5
I find neither can exist without the other. That each must be equally balanced before we can realize and distinguish between the truth and the perception of truth. If we are too far into either light or dark, eventually our eyes will go blind and with it sound judgement. Once we balance the yin(negative) and yang(positive) our mind and spirit awakens to a new sense of awareness.
This is simply my thoughts on the topic, keep in mind.
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Re: Darkness
Post # 6
i think i would be twilight

darkness is good. people in the darkness tend to think deeper, usually the deeper you think, and the more one with yourself, you are, the better. just my thoughts, though i prefer to waver between the two for the fun of it ^^ plus, im not sure where the hell im going
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Re: Darkness
Post # 7
One third with, one third without, and one third neutral. Where have we seen these numbers before? As far as politics go, I don't vote, I just utter my rebuke towards the corrupt. I care, but I don't take action, yet I am willing. Where is my mind? I am in the dark. Lol, I am only joking.

Naturally, if I stray away or slip on my spiritual walk with my god, I tend to get a little on the dark side. I still need deliverance from some things, but it's all in good hands.

I used to rant about the news on the television, dropping the f-bomb here and there, and saying this and that is a lie, but I soon realized that was the whole point of the news on television: it is to get you riled, so you forget about what is actually important. A third of the angels and another third divided.

Well, it really doesn't matter what path you walk, because you are what you think, not what you are. I am non-partisan and non-denominational. How about that?! Light and darkness, or darkness and good, in my opinion are incomparable, but complimentary. Apple and oranges go well together, but not as a whole.
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Re: Darkness
Post # 8
For my opinion and fact is that light and darkness cant exist without the other, I im one who walks in twilight but im trying to find my path of light. I do not believe darkness is completely evil but most of the people who uses darkness are evil.

Its safe to say that most people dont know where there are going in the path they take, I truly want to walk the path of light and all that is good.

PS: This is only my opinion so please dont get offended, so hope you have a joyfull and happy life and hope you can find your path.
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Re: Darkness
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 9
This thread has been moved to Other Paths from General Info.
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Re: Darkness
Post # 10
Light is a wave and a particle.
In its absence our photoreceptors cease signaling to our brain and we experience darkness.
In darkness, our other senses are heightened to compensate, as seen in the blind.
Even so, it is easy to become lost and even frightened in the dark, as it is not our natural state.

Our diurnal rhythms are geared towards light, specifically from our creation source, the sun, from which all life comes.

We are this source energy in physical body.

In spirituality, there is such a thing as the long dark night of the soul. Similarly we feel blind, lost, alone, but eventually come to know that the darkest hour of the night is just before the dawn. This gives birth to the never ending star of hope.

As the first rays of dawn rise on the horizon we see how truly beautiful the world is.
And at the end of everything, when the old crone comes to complete the wheel of life, we all return towards the light.

Blessed be
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