Symbol Interpretation

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Symbol Interpretation
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I'm lacking on such knowledge but I'm aware people sometimes see symbols that can stand for things and possibly warn them in their everyday lives. Probably over a year ago I thought I might have seen a symbol because there appeared to be the shape of a dagger in the dust on a car's dash in front of where I always sat and knew nobody had sketched it in the dust but never discovered if it was a coincidence or not as the best interpretation anyone had was that it could warn of betrayal which never occurred thankfully. Anyway I bring up the past because I saw possibly a less obvious symbol tonight. I saw what I originally though was a v shape but later decided looked like a tree I say it looked like a tree because while the lines weren't connected fully it looked slightly v shaped with a line in the middle making me think of limbs of a tree.) on a fogged up mirror. Generally I don't believe in symbols but I guess people have a desire to see a symbol evey now and again for just for what it could reveal, though a warning isn't good news. :) I also have a strong imagination and yet in my entire life this is only the second thing I've ever considered being a symbol. I'd love to hear people's opinions.
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Re: Symbol Interpretation
Post # 2
If it's a tree, I would say you're will be going through a session of growth, whether it be spiritual or physical. It could also symbolize that you will find a sturdy uphding. Maybe a better more sturdier job opportunity, a nicer home, etc.
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Re: Symbol Interpretation
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Thanks especially for the positive interpretation though I'm not sure how negative a tree could be.
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Re: Symbol Interpretation
Post # 4
perhaps it was an arrow pointing at something?... and as far as coincidences, they simply do not exist, everything has a cause and an effect, that's how things work but on rare (Very rare) occasions a coincidence does occur. the term "coincidence" is simply one that was created to explain occurrences that could not seemingly be explained, and now is over-used by many who wish to be blind of the truth and nature of reality.
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