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Academy of Golden Light
By: / Beginner
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There are a lot of online magick schools. There are a lot you can pay for...they send you stuff...yada yada...

Well, do they have any results? Will they guarantee their methods work? We WILL!!! The Academy of Golden Light is a VERY different place. We work on magick in a scientific way. We study all religions but we are not tied to any one in particular. We have both Christian and Luciferian mages working together, along with a Wiccan or two... a few Agnostics, etc. Yes, we have all decided that our different philosophies should learn from one another rather than BICKER. We are that kind of place.

If you are interested in joining the Academy, please message me. We must work in secret because there are many who believe magick and religion should NOT be separate. I disagree with this strongly. Religion is a belief, magick is a NEW SCIENCE. I am in the process of gathering data for my reports. We have no collected data yet. This is how a new science is developed. First the person SEES what is there...but they can NOT prove it. Proof comes from knowing something is true then FINDING the evidence you need.

I am a scientist. I am running a batch of SINGLE blind tests now. These tests include things like Telepathy and Weather Control. These preliminary tests have shown statistically significant evidence that this stuff is REAL. I am waiting on the funding for the DOUBLE BLIND tests before I draw any conclusions. If you don't know what I mean by single/double blind tests, you may look it up on Google. It is called "Scientific Method". It is the way scientists prove to themselves and the world that they're not completely full of BS. That is why we need YOU. ALL OF YOU!!! We need to train mages so we can gather enough data to make the scientific world SEE this is REAL. There was a time not too long ago when people believed Astronomy was black magick. Check out the history books if you don't believe me. We intend to do what those early astronomers did and SHOW people that we are correct.

Impossible? Well, check out my bio for my thoughts on that. ^_^

Join us. There are no due dates or deadlines. There are NO fees or commitments. The only thing we do is study the occult. That is IT. Nothing fancy. You work at your own pace. We have many skill levels and ages of people there, from early teen to mature. ALL ARE WELCOME!!! No one will be removed for inactivity, YOUR lives are important to US.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to meeting you.

PS I do not want your money. I am a scientist. I want to test things and do experiments. I would love it if you all would join me and become a pioneer of these fantastic discoveries. This is also not about dogma. You may believe as you wish. I am interested in the SCIENCE of MAGICK. Believe it or not, that is my only goal for this lifetime.
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