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Dream Feedback Please!
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Hello all. This request is long, and I apologize....

I recently had a dream that was rather pleasant, but not sure what meaning it may have (if any) and would appreciate any feedback or guidance on this topic (rather than interpreting it myself, which can be laden with my own biases).

Background Information: Approximately one year ago I was in a brief romantic relationship with an individual, who I liked very much, however, a combination of our own issues and insecurities caused the relationship to end, much to my dismay. Though facebook, he continued to communicate with me, but given the unpredictability of his comments, plus that he was already dating someone else, I chose to stop all contact with him, I felt it was best. 2-3 months later, his relationship ends, and he contacts me requesting to see me, I having already moved on to another relationship, simply brushed off the request. I never heard from him again, despite him constantly haunting my thoughts and desires. I do miss him honestly, and there was certainly quite a bit of intense chemistry between us, but he hasn't contacted me again since August, and I being rather proud, have not contacted him, save for a happy new years message, in which he responded with a nice response and picture of himself (odd). Lately, I've gone on a few dates with someone new, hoping to distract myself from the intrusive thoughts and desires of this man. And then, last night I had a dream....

Dream: In the dream, this man and myself are reunited and apparently we are dating/in a relationship. The experience is pleasant, I'm happy, and he appears to be rather excited, jovial, and very much fond of me. At some point, he trips on a curb, and hits his head. I become concerned (given his history of concussions from sports), and notice a piece of flesh that broke off from his head when he fell sitting on the curb. He continues to complain about the pain, and I encourage him to get medical treatment. He disappears and I am left in the process of texting his mother checking to see how he is doing, I apparently begin bothering his mother with incessant texts as she seems to be annoyed. (I once dated a man, who -no joke- faked his death and pretended to be someone else all thought text messages, and I remember in the dream feeling a sense of anxiety as if this could be happening again). Once I speak to his mother on the phone, my anxiety reduces, and she indicates that I may come and see him. The scene changes, I am now in my internship clinic, and he is there with me, we're both happy, he is in another office and seems annoyed and busy, and I am in the process of sorting through clothes to find something more appropriate to wear as I am wearing gym clothes. We make plans to go out that evening, and I hear him arguing with his mother as she seems to be nagging him. Then I woke up.

Now, I have not dreamed of him in a very long time, and I was told once that apparently I have some type of psychic ability which manifests through my dreams. I don't really agree with that honestly, but I have always had the most vivd and intense dreams, and rarely do I not remember my dreams.

So....I apologize for the long question, but can anyone provide me with some type of explanation or interpretation of my dream?
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