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Need Help .... Please
Post # 1

My name is Neha. I have joined this community with a purpose. I want to get my love back in my life. I do not know which spell to cast and I have tried asking people in chats too, but no one answered properly.

I was in a relationship with a guy named Paresh. We got introduced through my first boyfriend. That guy left me, so I was in a bad shape. I and Paresh became friends at that time. He was also unhappy in his relationship with a girl named Manisha. So I and Paresh came closer and eventually fell in love. He told that girl Manisha to go away from his life and we moved into a live in relationship. Everything was going on fine but one day that girl Manisha found out that Paresh is in love with me and is staying with me. She told this to his parents along with my past. Now we are Indians and parents here have very conservative views. His parents did not agree with our relation and Paresh had to move out of our home. We tried to convince his parents but they are not agreeing. They wanted Paresh to get married to his old girlfriend Manisha. And Manisha is also trying everything possible to get amrried to Paresh. She is influencing his mother against me.
Eventually after trying for months, Paresh gave into his family pressure and stopped contact with me.
We met after 4 months again this January and he told me that he still remembers me and loves me but his family will not accept me. His mother emotionally blackmails him that she will commit suicide if he keeps relation with me. I cannot live without Paresh and love him a lot. Which spell should I cast , so that Paresh stands up for me and his and mine family agrees to our relationship and get us married. We both are Indians and its very important for him that his family agrees to our matrimony.
My date of birth is : 22/06/1987 and Paresh's date of birth is : 23/01/1984.

Please help me with a proper spell or ritual which will bind me and Paresh in an unbreakable bond.
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Re: Need Help .... Please
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Not to insult the guy but I don't think there's a grow a spine spell. I can't believe the obviously false threats of suicide by his mother are enough for him give in and marry someone else if he loves you. It sounds like you could do better though love is a fickle thing. I hope for your sake he comes to his senses. As for the spell question I don't think magick is the solution as if he loves you he won't be able to bring himself to marry this other girl.
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Re: Need Help .... Please
Post # 3
Well even i had my moments filled with same thoughts. He can do better than what he is doing for us but then if he is not doing , i have to do it. Some disappointments from him will not matter in future if we are together. This has been going from past one year and there were 4 months where we were not in contact, he could have married that other girl but he didn't. So its obvious he also doesn't want to. And he is trying to avoid it. But its not helping my situation. He needs to take strong steps towards me. Thats what I want. Any spell to do that ???
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Re: Need Help .... Please
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Perhaps, instead of looking at his end of the family, look at your own end. More specifically, yourself. What can you offer in the relationship that would appeal to his family?

They disapprove of you specifically, but they don't really know you do they. I suggest you attempt to let them know you, impress them, make yourself a worthy candidate for his hand. Outshine Manisha.

As far as spells go, I would do a spell to encourage peaceful minds on the matter so unnecessary passions are not thrown into the equation. And another spell to bring understanding and kindness to the minds of his family.

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Re: Need Help .... Please
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
If this were truly meant to be it would have happen already. Move on with your life don't sit and pine for someone you can not be with. (that's wasting your life) Believe it or not there is someone out there for you that you won't have all this drama with. Magick is not always the answer. I wish more of you would realize this.
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