How can I now I'm physcic

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How can I now I'm physcic
Post # 1
Ok I've been having dreams and they've been coming true I would see faces but none said any words just simply I'd wake up when they open there mouth to say something it's so frightening I need help just message me or respond on here and no I don't think I can say ohh sports tell me this persons future like a median
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Re: How can I now I'm physcic
Post # 2
I would suggest working on you 3rd eye chakra through meditation. also I would start keeping a journal of your dreams, visions and day to day life to spot anything that you may have dreamed that came true
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Re: How can I now I'm physcic
Post # 3
Ok for ex. I will see myself walking then on my couch getting screamed at then the next week or so it happens and right then and there ill stop paying attentionto everything and just remember that one dream
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Same here
Post # 4
Not bragging but almost every day in my life seems a deja vu... I get a feeling that I have seen this somewhere but cant remember properly where at that moment later on I remember that it was in a dream.
Ex.- I won a prize in a speech competition cuz i knew what subject i was gonna get in the random chit i pick up from the jar. Do you guys having more experience think it is something special ?
Also I ask questions in my mind at night and I get all the answers in my dream. is this gud or bad ?
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Re: How can I now I'm physcic
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
We all have psychic abilities to a degree. You do not need to work on just your third eye. That's asking for problems. When it comes to chakras, be sure to work with all of them effectively and equally. Do things that would actively stimulate your psychic bone - per se. Try doing some scrying, tarot card reading, meditate for visions. I have found it helpful to do such things as keeping my mind calm, emotions levelled, and my self in general open, for the sake of whatever message, vision, etc that may come my way.
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Re: How can I now I'm physcic
Post # 6
I agree Vanity. Not every attribute or ability you earn is something you get when you're born, by birth. In this case this is called 'psychic development'. Basically, even with a gift you will not be fully developed in a spiritual and psychic way. Even as a gifted and psychic person you will need to practice and develop your psychic abilities. Sometimes people are 'more gifted' and sometimes they're 'less gifted', but yet, people from both of the categories must take care and practice in order to psychic develop themselves and actually get somewhere using their psychic abilities and gifts they got.

Mostly the misunderstanding occurs because people think that the term ability means something which is a gift or a skill you got by birth, while you can earn these skills and get this ability developed and found within yourself by the training, even if one has less potential than another. The word ability as very misunderstood. So this is why I agree with Vanity.

As all arts and practices, this can be achieved by training as well. Doing the actions described upon are all achieved by training, either by 'gifted' people who might not even be aware of the gifts they have, and either by people who need to practice and train themselves in order to develop their skills a bit more hardly.
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