magick uses in real life

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magick uses in real life
Post # 1
As a Witch, i am very secluded. i don't know many witches in real life. the ones i do know are pretty powerful, but they let their magick dwindle. they don't use it to better anything. They only use it in flashes of anger or desperation. i know i'm not the greatest witch, I want ot be healer, so therefore i try to heal animals at the vet clinic i volenteer at. As an Emapth, i'm planning on becoming a counselor. so i just wanted to know how you people use your gifts in the world. Do u use combat magick while being in the army? do you practice justice spells while being a lawyer? etc
i'm mot trying to judge people, i just want to hear your expierences to better myself
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Re: magick uses in real life
By: / Novice
Post # 2
If you are an Empath i highly advise that you refrain from being a counselor of any kind , too many people with too many emotions can be harmful twords you especialy if you are a very gifted empath. I use magic for whatever purpose i need even to pass the time.
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Re: magick uses in real life
Post # 3
Well with as to the previous comment on being an empath and how damaging another's emotions can be. I say this if you ground and cleanse yourself emotionally on a regular basis it is not too much of a trouble. Plus there are ways of keeping out or decreasing the emotional input you receive from those around you. Don't let being an empath stop you from helping people use it to your advantage to help those who seek counsel. If you do not protect yourself, though, it is far from good for you to intentionally place yourself near those in need of emotional counseling.
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Re: magick uses in real life
Post # 4
Thank you TheGuide:)
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