FINALLY,sayin' howdy

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Forums -> Introduce Yourself -> FINALLY,sayin' howdy

FINALLY,sayin' howdy
Post # 1
And sorry,also, for allowing people,places and thangs to pretty much dictate my very being for the last few years. It all started when I lost both my parents a year and a day apart. I felt like a small,alone child orphan in an adult body. To make a long story short, me,myself and I allowed jealous,petty and mean-spirited people Rule my everything!!! I'd pop in here wanting to chat and learn but was told repeatedly (by them,NOT anyone here) that I wasnt worthy. SO, I,too agreed!!! and stayed away. UNTIL,my big ol handsome SOUTHERN gentleman cowboy of a Daddy had had ENOUGH! and gave me a BIG ol why for upside the head!!! LOL!!! He let me know he will ALWAYS be around to keep an eye on me AND make for sure I dont set BACK down on my pity pot. AND thats my story and I'M stickin to it. LOL!!! Thanks.
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Re: FINALLY,sayin' howdy
Post # 2
Well, seeing that people here are so eager to reply to posts and help out where they can - I say as sarcastically as I possibly can - Merry meet! Welcome to Spells of Magic.

Sorry to hear about your parents. I lost my older sister a while back to cancer, died six moths after being diagnosed, and it's been a bitch to learn to cope knowing that she is lost to this world forever.

Anyway - I trust that you will find what you need here. I know I have. Though not the most welcoming place when it comes to the people, but some of the spells and rituals are sure to do their best...

Once again, welcome.

Goddess bless.
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Re: FINALLY,sayin' howdy
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
I am so sorry for your loss. Losing one parent is hard enough, but losing two in the same year must have been devastating. I can't imagine how difficult this has all been for you.

But welcome back to SOM. I hope that being back among friends will help you move on and to find yourself again.
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Re: FINALLY,sayin' howdy
Post # 4
I'm sorry for your loss I've been through something similar welcome most importantly live learn laugh:)
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Re: FINALLY,sayin' howdy
Post # 5
Thx for the reply. Even after the years its been since I lost them,I STILL feel like a duck outta water.One second I'm cool then the next Im in the fetal position then the next I'm wanting to do some heavy bodily harm on some unsuspecting fool(lol)My daddy was a shaman and my mama was a Jehovah Witness(DEVOUT,I will add)but their love respect and awe of life AND each other,it was no big thang. It just worked well so I was easy confident and VERY into my path BUT I lost it when they passed over and I had MAJOR guilt that I wasnt the strong person I was SOOO sure I was. It is subsiding I'm TRYIN' not to be my own worst enemy. Im workin hard to git that wild crazy give a rats butt strong bluntly honest to the bone gal I once was I miss me Now that Ive chawed ur ear off with my long-winded BS (lol)I hope u will give me a holler back Its UR turn to talk about u. Its like a dam that was over my heart AND mouth has broken. If I keep on spillin my guts just give me a nudge a kick in the butt and tell me to hush. WOW,thx lol
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Re: FINALLY,sayin' howdy
Post # 6
My parents left me on a street when I was 10 I'm 15 I have no clue where they r
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