Familiar Spirits

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Familiar Spirits
By: / Beginner
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Theoretic History of Familiar Spirits

Familiar spirits have been based upon by several regions of believe and folk lore, this is my belief on them. Were told in some aspects the Familiar is a spirit that possesses an animal to serve the witch in his/her divine path. However, some influences say they are lesser demons, or shapeless forms. Other factors in belief such as Voodoo, which the familiar spirits called as the Ti Bon Ange or good angel. Never the less on the facts, Familiars have been known to be people as well. How true that is would be based on your logic and personal outlook of Familiars.

Another fascinating type of Familiar portrayed in our history is the Imp. Imps do appear in various folklore traditions and cultural studies. Imps are believed to be jokesters, untamed creatures dedicated to their Witches, but always unpredictable. Understand I have never personally seen an Imp, so these facts are based off cultural legends. One thing that does pop up when searching anywhere for Imp history is being lesser Demons. Folklore myth also stretches passed these tales and goes further to indicate a familiar could be captured or lured into inanimate objects used as focal energy flow.

Now we begin to look out the older studies of witchcraft, always indicating a spirit of some form aiding the witch. The theorys and information you could pull from these entitys is actually quite impressive. We learn ancestors of our community used them in practices dating back further than the 1500s. This magnificent being can be incorporeal which can be defined as the spirit or corporeal which would be defined as the flesh or wholesome of a body.

There are signs everyone can agree on when looking for a solid familiar like a house pet. Notice the animal holds a interest when your casting spells or charging items. Another common characteristic would be complete loyalty to you, and aggressive behavior or simply shy to others. Also a popular trait is being able to feed off energy through your familiar. Once you reach this point with your Familiar try to reach a higher connection with it by pulling energy from its form into yours. It said to be identified as live circuit connecting you both as one. This would conclude my thread, I would be interested in learning more various cultures study's about Familiar Spirits if one would like to add in.

Blessed be
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