Waking up @3am

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Waking up @3am
Post # 1
Hello, i just want ask what's the meaning behind of waking up at 3am sharp, because when i asked around, it's told that it's a bewithching hour. i have been waking up at exactly 3am nowadays for more than 2 weeks. and i don't know what really is behind it.and there are times i'm experiencing sleep paralysis..well, i was already experiencing this since i was a kid but i'm more freaked out right because of the 3am thing. i am new at magick but i've known magick since i was little but actually never learned it. too afraid so. just starting to learn when i came across this site. can anyone explain my situation or help me?:'( very much appreciated. :)
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Re: Waking up @3am
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Sleep all night. Take a look at the planetary hours and the astrological meaning of the days of the week, and plan your magical work accordingly. I have no idea where the 3 AM thing came from.


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Re: Waking up @3am
Post # 3
Well since I am doing craft I never sleep before 3:05am lol I tried but felt no sleepy lol and still I sleep 4or5 am morning lol may be this is due to I love night peace sooo much thats why I cant sleep at night but I dont know your case But in some places said something was near you if you wake up in the time between 2-3am Not sure but just in case I told you this ... as some peoples say spirits are mostly active at night 3am lol I dont think so but maybe its true...
Bright Blessings
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Re: Waking up @3am
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Sounds like you have an internal alarm clock that wakes you up like that.
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Re: Waking up @3am
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Scientifically speaking, we sleep in cycles:
1.Deep Sleep Cycle ? lasting 4 to 5 hours.
2.Light Sleep Cycle ? this is a more sensitive dream filled sleep.
3.Transitional Sleep Cycle ? where you not awake, yet not completely asleep. This stage occurs when you?re about to wake up or fall asleep. It?s the stage in which you can astral project and have lucid dreams. You can also use meditation to reach this stage .

Most of us wake up between these cycles and only a few people remember doing so. If you are going to sleep between 10pm and 11pm, this could explain why you waking up around 3am every night.

Also your liver and adrenal need glycogen (sugar), sodium (salt) and potassium to sleep. If you?re having a very early dinner, then have a caffeine free cocktail drink of the above three at bedtime. Most health drink powders contain sugar, salt and potassium. Mix one of these powders in a hot cup of milk and drink before you go to sleep. I repeat, do not use any powder that contains caffeine.

Also as you mentioned, 3am has a special meaning to the spiritual minded from most cultures across the world. The quietest, most peaceful hours of the night, it also believed that during this time, our minds are absolutely clear and receptive to both higher and lower energies. Christians call it, ?the fourth watch? of the night.

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Re: Waking up @3am
Post # 6
Three (3) is considered a sacred number, I suggest looking further into this.

Good luck,

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Re: Waking up @3am
Post # 7
I read that puritans in the colonies believed the witching hour was 3 AM as an insult from satan to god (the trinity). I personally will only do things considered 'taboo' between 12 and 3, if ever. But that's just one of my weird little ticks.
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Re: Waking up @3am
Post # 8
I experienced the same thing for about two weeks straight. Baffled at it...not sure what it means but I do know right after the two weeks was up I fell in lust trance.
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Re: Waking up @3am
Post # 9
i didnt really look at it but my best friend told me 3am is when devil or whatsoever is walking around ur house.. which is so not true..i was awake at that time almost whole summer and i didnt feel its presence at all.. i got that ability to sense them most of times.. for example theres one spirit in my house all the time.. i seen him once and he talked to my best friend too.. but i dont have negative feelings about it.. as my friend told me.. sensing demons is worse than fear.. and i never felt it.. i dont really even believe theres devil walking around at 3am.. there r many stories about it and its mostly all fake (to me lol)
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Re: Waking up @3am
Post # 10
Hello guys! i'm really thankful to all of you who replied in my post, and i'm sorry it took too long for me to reply, been really busy with studies and all.haha :D


oh, hello there! i'm currently new to astrology, and i kinda tried a planetary calculator thingy online so that i'll know what it has to do with its astrological meanings and more.. still studying it though, i'm real newbie on this one, but i thank you for the reply!:D


hello!:D i can actually relate on you on your post, before i transferred rooms, -- [ i have my own room, but now, i transferred into my mom's because she's scared of sleeping alone] -- i don't sleep before 3am, because i really can't! i'm just really awake and don't feel sleepy at all, but since i transferred rooms, my mom set a bedtime curfew of 10pm, i have to get inside her room and sleep, so, i kinda got used to it and was able to sleep after midnight or so.hahaha:D


hello!:D yeah, i kinda do! and it's really kinda freaky to be waking up at exactly 3am!whaa


hello. i kinda sleep after midnight though. and omg, i am a caffeine addict. i drink at least 2 coffee per day and it will go on if i have the urge to drink more, and the most is 6..haha thank you for the info, i will try to reduce the caffeine intake. thank you so much!:D


yeah, i really do.but i don't really know where to look to.haha :D


hello, uhm.. good for you for doing tricks on those kind of hours.. but i kinda don't understand what you mean.. what do you mean in a watching hour?..i'm sorry. i'm a real newbie..but, thank you so much for the reply though. :D


hello!:D wow, so what did you do..? are you still experiencing it? and what do you mean by lust trance?.. are you lusting for someone?.. i really want to know because that's kind of my situation right now too! and i don't know what's the meaning of it.. because, right now, lusting is very confusing. because i never really have an experience of uhm such erotic activities that will really lead to lust or something.. i'm new at that too. thank you so much for the reply!:D


hahaha. wow, you must be a very brave person. unlike me though. i can't muster courage if i'm really afraid. on my house, i know there are really bad entities here, because i can really feel, but i don't want to see them. but once, i saw a goat on our terrace sitting up with red eyes and i ran into the kitchen really fast, if you have seen me going down the stairs, i was jumping the flights!hahaha :D
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