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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Potions?

Post # 1
I recently made over 5 new potions for many things. I don't really now how to really cast any potions. Can I have some help of what I might need to do. I made these all by myself with no instruction. I am just scared that I wasted time and will not work. Any ideas?
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Re: Potions?
Post # 2
Uhhh I thought potions were made, not cast... And then you gota like drink em or pour em on something..
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Re: Potions?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Well perhaps if you listed each potion, what the purpose of the potion was, and what you put into it we might be able to tell you whether or not they might work. Right now we don't have enough information to go on.
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Re: Potions?
Post # 4
I've done some extensive work with potions (they are one of my favorite forms of magic). You can't necessarily "cast" potions as you would a spell. The magic of the potion is in the liquid.

You charge the potion as you would a spell and then consume it or have another consume it to achieve the desired goal. However, please keep in mind that some herbs are poisonous and some people can even be allergic to certain herbs, so be sure to do your research before you drink them or give them to anyone else.
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Re: Potions?
By: / Novice
Post # 5
like Lonicera said, research the herbs before using them, and speak with your doctor for an allergy test to see if you're allergic to something.

a potion is any spell mixed with a liquid [tes, oil, lotion, bath, brew so on] as long as you sit and charge it with energy, it can be a potion. i know some people who charge energy into soup and call it a potion. even though i had some potions [like love potion number 9] i started with teas, then bath salts, i sort of specialize with them. oils are probably the hardest, though i've yet to try making a lotion. there' two ways of making oils, the harder is when you heat the oil to infuse the herbs. the trick is not to deep fry them. for me, all the oils i tried making this way wind up smelling like pumpkin XD [for some reason i smell pumpkin when somethings gone bad or gone wrong, don't know] the easier is more time consuming. take some oil and the herb or herbs. place them in a container [mason jar would work] shake and place in a cool dark place. every 24 hours shake it again. each week, drain the oil and put in new herbs. repeat for about a month. some people will say a chant while shaking the bottle, but it's up to you.

potions are fun, but there's a lot to them. pick up some books, Scott Cunninghams Incense, Oil's and Brews would probably be your best bet. really good resource. I picked up this one book Magick Potion by Gerinda Dunwich, it's more historical than actual recipes, but i like it.
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