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Post # 1
I hope this helps, I spent a few hours at it I had nothing better to do so I decided to study and do this.

I am going to a boarding school next year and I'm excited and terrified:( I looked at tireofgags post on sadness.. And it said that opening a kid to spiritual energy is bad wait till they are older, and I agree we are not focusing on our academia as much either, and we are getting out of hand.

We should study more for better jobs and more money, then when we are eighteen come back and understand more due to more time spent at our work, now I'm not saying to completely dissasociate you with the craft, meditate and try to find a religion that you can work well with. But focus on your academia.
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Re: Academia
By: / Novice
Post # 2
To clarify on my stance on teaching those under 18, when you open someone to energies of self development and spiritual development, the energy rises from the base chakram up to the crown, or down if you bring the energy in from above. Actually, it flows both ways, but I digress. If there are any emotional blocks, unresolved negative emotions or limiting or unsupportive beliefs, these will block the flow of energy moving through the spine. If these blocks are not removed prior to attempting to raise the energy, it can cause burnout which may include psychological issues, physical damage, illness and in extreme cases death. Chi sickness is real, and not fun. Relating this to teaching kids they have many psychological, emotional and physical changes to work through, new feelings and emotions opening up. Adding more energy to an already unstable being, especially if there is not someone physically there with them to help them, is in my opinion not good.

As I stated earlier, there are those who will disagree with me. I respect their opinions, but these are the opinions on this matter that guide my actions. Every one must make their own decission.


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Re: Academia
Post # 3
Well not to say that everyone shouldn't focus on their academia and what not, but let's think about it like this. In a world where everyone goes out and goes to college (not gonna happen) and gets a degree the amount of people holding each degree goes up. Now as this happens the amount of jobs don't necessarily go up with it. This means each of those people makes less. So when you are choosing which academia to focus on remember its what you know and how many other people know it. Also, good schooling doesn't always mean you'll be better off. It helps, but my step mom was on wait to be managing two fast food restaurants when she was eighteen and she had never been to college and had just got out of high school. So this means good work ethics is, usually, far more important than a degree. Not to say I don't want a certified brain surgeon for my operation lol.
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