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Post # 1
just last night, after falling asleep while meditating, i had another Zombie Apocalypse dream. this isn't the first one i have had, though it did seem to be the most tame. i woke up with my heart pounding like i was just running, and in the dream i was running around trying to get stuff together to get out of the area. normally when i have these type of dreams, they have a lot more zombies and destruction. this time, it was like the beginning of it. there was still a chance to get out and find somewhere safe. though... i do wonder why i would pick up two red cabbages from the house...? i was in a nice house that i have never seen before, and my autistic friend, who i consider my little brother, was there helping me. there were two older people in the house that i have Never seen before. we had a pickup truck and a boat... though in reality i can't even drive (my vision prevents me). i also wasn't wearing glasses in the dream.

if anyone can help me figure out why i have them, that would be awesome. i looked it up on the net and it said that you are suppressing emotions/events that are manifesting as these dreams...
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Re: nightmares
By: / Novice
Post # 2
keep in mind, dreams are personal, you should interpret them yourself.

being chased is a common theme, it basically means you have some waking anxieties that at bothering you. the zombie apocalypse, if you're worried or stressed about something in your waking life, this could manifest as being attacked by the undead. it could also be a fear of being overpowered, or helpless. in this dream it's just starting, could mean you can change this situation now before it gets worse.

each item you choose is important, with different meaning. two red cabbages, if you like red cabbage it could be nothing, cabbage normally denotes bad news, a fight might be in your future. having two could be balance or, since you were with someone, you're picking up two for the both of you. on the other hand, there could be a fight or bad situation that's you're both to blame.

the house normally represents the dreamer, it's in good condition so you see/feel fine. the truck symbolizes a feeling of being overworked. the boat is emotions, how you feel/cope with your feelings will be reflected in the boat, much like the house, if it looks nice you cope well with your feeling, if it's beaten up, you have trouble with them.
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