Dreaming the future

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Dreaming the future
Post # 1
Hello, so I use to dream the future but the information is somehow twisted like: when I dreamt that a classmate found out I was smoking, in my dream we were at a party and she saw me but in real life she told me she saw me on the street. A day after I dreamt that, she told me she saw me. Or I heard some friends broke up and in that night I dreamt they were back togheter and in the next day they were. My grandpa uses to dream dead people before something bad happens, so I just wanted to ask you if this is native and what can I do to improve the clarity of my dreams. :) *Sorry for any spelling mistakes or bad english.*
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Re: Dreaming the future
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Dreams tell us our past, present and future in fragments, and often out of order. Most people's dreams focus on the past and present, and our future visitations in dreams don't occur until the event has become past or present. People with precognition are capable of accessing future segments. If your accounts are accurate, you have the gift.

Do you keep a dream journal? Because if not, you really should. That way, having catalogued each dream, you can go back weeks later and appreciate them within a larger context. This will help you get more out of them.

It also helps to meditate and light myrrh incense before bed. Myrrh is excellent for dream insight and restful sleep. Meditation allows us to access a dream-state while awake, and having cognizant awareness of that before bed can help you lucid dream.

Good luck, and blessed be.
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Re: Dreaming the future
Post # 3
thanks, I will start a dream journal:)
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Re: Dreaming the future
Post # 4
The future us always fluent and in motion so the things that you see in your dreams may or may not come true and they may or may not happen in exactly the same way as you see in your dream.
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Re: Dreaming the future
Post # 5
Dreams, premonitions, visions and divination are often symbolic to start a clear mind helps to get a more clear perspective.
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