what does it mean?

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what does it mean?
Post # 1
what does it mean when i know something is happening with one of my friends or my ex, as its happening or right before it happens? or if i can feel an intense emotion my friend is feeling, but i am not anywhere near them or talking to them? or if i can see and hear and feel supernatural things all around me all the time? i know it sounds like being psychic, but when i think of psychic i think of like, seeing and hearing ghosts/angels/demons/whatever with your physical eyes and ears and hearing and seeing whatever it is clear as day, and i don't do that, i receive everything as a vision or a faint whisper what seems to be in my mind. so if someone could please give me an answer, i have been trying to think of one and find one for so long.
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Re: what does it mean?
Post # 2
my ex a few weeks ago had a panic attack, and slept with some guy, and i felt the panic attack as if i were having it myself at the exact time she did, and i saw quick, blurry visions of her and this guy together on her bed, but i could barely make it out enough to know it was them and where they were. and on many different occasions, i can sense a spirit of some kind around, i'm not always sure what it is, but its not very strong, any of it.
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Re: what does it mean?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Being psychic can effect you in different ways. If I'm very close to someone and we have a connection it's possible for me to get a sense of what they're feeling, especially if they're extremely upset or in pain. I can also have a mental 'flash' of something the person is experiencing so I feel the sensations myself. This experience is more intense if the other person is also psychic.
Just after I finished university I lived with a gay guy and at the time I used to get terrible migraines and period pain. Unfortunately for my flat mate he would get exactly the same symptoms at the same time. Very amusing for me but not so entertaining for him!
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