connecting to a diety

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connecting to a diety
Post # 1
i have recieved some advice that i should become more connected with a diety, but i dont know where to start or how to connect with one. does anybody have any advice or is willing to teach me?
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Re: connecting to a diety
Post # 2
The first thing you want to do is research as many gods as possible. The only thing to remember is to avoid gods from closed cultures and religions since you don't want to appropriate.
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Re: connecting to a diety
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
When you say diety I suppose you mean the "gods" of different religions? If this is the case then connecting to them and asking for their help has always been said to be advantageous. Although I have no religion I know that protection (circles, pre-rituals and Ceremonial magick) often involves invoking the protective powers of a god/goddes to stop the practitioner from being harmed.

In many religions there is some kind of initiation before that god/goddess will heed you as a member of its faith. Such as in Christianity with Baptism or in Satanism with the ritual of dedication. I do not believe that this should be necessary as the love for a god/goddess is from within not from a ceremony. Although the ceremony could be considered as telling that god/goddess of your faith.

Also prayer is an interesting feat as it is often considered as asking that god/goddess for help with something. In many ways this is a spell. As it is using your energy to call out for the assistance of a spiritual being. Such as many spells you will find on this website involve the sacred names of many gods/godess' in their chants.

So there is much to consider when asking about diety's, but I have always been told to go with your "gut instinct" when it comes to choosing a faith. The more practiced ones are far easier to find information on as there are more people to ask about it. I would consider looking at what difference diety's have to offer and choose upon the one you feel most connected to
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