The Pentagram

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The Pentagram
Post # 1
Hello, Im just curious, but personally, what are your views of the meaning of the Pentagram?
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Re: The Pentagram
Post # 2

To me it is a representation of the 5 Elements and our connection to them

Each point represents Earth, Air, Fire, Water, or Spirit and the middle is us

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Re: The Pentagram
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
A Pentagram is one of the oldest symbols known.There are many "Explanations" for the symbol; the Elements, the wounds of Jesus, etc. What it is really about, and the ancients knew very well, is the orbit path of the planet Venus.The Planet is the only one that "spins" opposite to all the others. It takes just over eight years to complete its "path"; and in doing so forms a perfect pentagram in the sky.And that is why the ancients believed that Venus was also a Goddess, because of "her" influence on the tides ( as well as the Moon!).
When a Pentagram is pictured within a circle it is called "a Pentacle".
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Re: The Pentagram
Post # 4
I see the pentagram as a symbol of protection, and a way to tap into the 5 elements.
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Re: The Pentagram
By: / Novice
Post # 5
The pentagram has many correspondences. As people have noted thr most commonis the five elements of Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit. It could represent the Pentagrammaton, or the five lettered nome of God (Yeshuah, or Jesus). It has been called the sign of Man. It typically represents energies close to the physical lever or astral level. The LBRP clears and banishes on the physical and astral levels, while the BRH is for the spiritual levels.

More advanced correspondences include the spheres of thr Tree of Life, archangels, godforms, etc. Of course, these are drawn from Ceremonial Magic. The pentagram is a symbol that has existed in practically every culture. Because of this some correspondences may differ. It can be used for protection as well as for summoning.

Personally, for me the pentagram is life. It is the interplay of energies that make up everything and it includes spirit. Much more powerful symbol than the cross which only represents the four elements. It has a creative and destructive paths. I apply these psychologically when working with hypnosis clients.

As always, just my humble opinion.


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