Bay leaf

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Bay leaf
Post # 1

Okay so a heated topic came to with the talk of the simpel leaf

Bay leaf

People have seem to think it is poisonious I assure you it is not. People cook it and eat bay leaf. Though many people do not recommend eating bay leaf since it des not become tender while cooked. Which in eating it might scratch uyou digestive track or make some people choke.

Though I will add that bay leaf does has a similiar look to two other plants that are posionious.

These plants are called Mountian Laurel and Cherry Laurel. They are apart of the same family as the bay leaf.


Bay leaf in magic


Hold the leaf close you and think of the question and when you are read put it on a flame. Such as a small controlled flame. If it crackle snad makes lots or some noise it usually means it is a positive outcome. however if the leaf does not burn or puts out the fire or does not make any sounds while buring it is seen as a negative outlook.

Bathing in bayleaf's(two leafs crushed into your bath water) often is to be believe as this will increase one success in life.

Some people have been known to sprink ashes or powder of bay leaf around there business so it would draw customers to them.

Also using candles- Use a green candle and add bay leaf oil to the candle.

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Re: Bay leaf
Post # 2
ThankYou Snow Queen Its helpful Bright Blessings
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Re: Bay leaf
Post # 3
Bay leaf is AWESOME in beef stews :)
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Re: Bay leaf
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Bay leafs are great in magick (and food).

Bay leaves are double edged. They can be used to bless and protect, as well as hex and control. In rituals I like to write the person's name on a nice big dry bay leaf, and after chanting, burn the leaf so that the smoke takes the spell to be manifested. I also watch how the leaf burns and how easily it burns. I know by watching the way it burns, how quickly and easily the spell will come to fruitation.
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Re: Bay leaf
Post # 5
The Bay Leaf also keeps bugs away in flour
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