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Post # 1
i had a dream where i thought i was awake. i wok up in the dream to my phone ringing and it was my ex boyfriend's mother calling me to come and visit her son David. i kept refusing to see him, and she even resorted to saying how disappointing she was of me because i would not go see him. and she told me several times that she was disappointed in me. i hang up the phone and go out into the living room where my ma is watching a horror movie. i walk over to the stove because i smell something cooking and move the pot of ramen noodles just as it was a second from boiling over, turned off the burner. nothing spilled. so i am standing next to the stove so i can see the tv. the horror movie has a strange bug in it that is popping up in weird places. it ends up in two guy's pizza. one guy tries to smash it with his hand, but there was not damage to the bug. so he pulls out a gun and says "i'm gonna shoot it". the bug latches onto his forehead in the third eye area and starts to emit this high [itch loud sound that causes the guy to become Completely calcified, head to toe chalk white. then i wake up for real...

anyone have a clue as to what my dreaming brain is trying to say...?
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Re: dreams
Post # 2
what is "bugging" you, that u feel is hard/imposible to get rid of?
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Re: dreams
Post # 3
well... a lot of things actually. my ma, brother never doing anything around the house, a chem test that i have no idea what i did on it, being dumped, trying to open my third eye, trying to meditate and have a certain dream again, a psych test, learning about Loki, trying to figure out how i can earn an income, chem paper, psych paper, how to practice wicca without being caught...

there has been a lot on my mind... and to top it off i woke up this morning with a sore throat. which means i am getting sick or i slept with my mouth open all night...
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