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Spirit Guides
Post # 1

Sprit guides are spiritual beings that can take any form what so ever. its said that they are with us before we are born. Spirit guides are suppose to help us out in our spiritual life. in my belief our higher self selects these guides for each and ever person on earth.

Who are these guides?

Well some guides will stay with you until you pass over to the other side, other guides may pop into your life for a bit then dissapear. these guides are at diffrent levels of our consciousness. Actully in my opinion many guides might be a ascended master, a guide can take many forms , wolf,bear,cat,dog, human spirit etc its goes on. they may apear as an orb?. they can appear in female or mail energy. guides is a possible chance to be our loved ones. when a spirit guide is ready to help you they will tune into your own energy and help you achieve you goal.

How Do Guides Help us?

Spirit guides are with us every second of the day every single day, They watch us until we have passed over. our guides will make contact us when they know we are ready not when "you" think you are ready. they will have many ways to help us achieve our goal.

Gut Feelings.

When we get gut feeling i think thats our intuition telling us something or it may be our guides telling us to paying attention to something. For example if you have a feeling that something bad is going to happen so you go and meditate to relax then you get a gut feeling that could be your guide telling you to pay attention.

intuitive insight.

Spirit guides can send us light flashes, or we even well here a voice in your head saying anything, have you ever heared a voice before being in a accident, ye that your guide warning you. you will know its your guide because random thoughts will pop into your mind.

How to connect with your guides directly?

I suggest daily meditation, just your guide to give you a sign, remember it will take lots of practise and you must be paitent. there are many ways to increse your connection.

Listen to your intuition

When you get random thoughts in your head telling you to something thats your guide so i suggest you listen to it, it will help you out alot. if you listen to your intuiton and you get a a result that was connected to the voice you heared then its your guide simple as. i have known many people and they have just ignored their intuition.

Ask for signs.

Ask your guide for what you want then start to meditate then you might be lucky to get a sign for your first time. My guides like to show me things i should watch out for. sings can come in so many ways you have just got to be open to recieve them.


i suggest keeping a journal for any signs you may get from your guides or any feelings.


do a daily meditation asking your spirit guides for signs just practise it and be patient and one day you will get the result you want.


Meeting your guides in your dreams is a very common way thats how i met mine, just beofre you go to bed imagine you meeting your spirit guide, if you do meet your spirit guide in a dream do not run away if your scared becayse you could not find it again.

I hope this helped.


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Re: Spirit Guides
Post # 2

Refreshingly informative, and clear to understand.Thank you so much for your efforts, I'm sure this will be helpful to many, - a guide for beginners, and a reminder to the more experienced. :D

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Re: Spirit Guides
Post # 3

Thankyou for your Response lilly. :)

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