Painting as a tailsman?

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Painting as a tailsman?

Painting as a tailsman?
Post # 1
I just start Art Appreciation this semester, now mind you I have always been into painting because my grandmother. However, we doing a chapter on hidden rune art in painting. And made me curious. if you were to write a spell and hid into a painting. Would it still work. For example. Lets say a friend is in need, just had to sell their car just to pay rent, could not even buy their youngest daughter a birthday present, I could continue but would rather get to the point. And even though this friend is very open minded so to speak, in fact loaned me a couple books on Witchcraft by Silver Ravenwolf. I still have not fully told her or any other friends that I am -poorly- attempting the more magickal side of the religion, she believes more in the stars then any gods/goddess/devils/etc. (for various reason none of which are important).. Knowing I paint she asked me if I would paint her a Cherry Blossom Tree Scene. (The tree itself is one she wants to be her next tattoo) When I paint this picture if I wrote a spell in Theban Script. or hidden runes. (lets say that every time looks at it, or touches it, it will give her inner peace, and center her, allowing her to be more positive of the outcome of whatever troubles she is having. Could something like this be done? and not just with her case, but with any type of magick spell/rune spell/ etc. I am very new at this, and still trying to learn, I was just going to help her by flat out giving her the money, but something went wrong with my funding, and never received the money, and the ETA for it is not till next week, and she only had till today to make the rent. (Blessed Be, for her brother.) Has anyone ever heard of hiding a spell in a painting, or drawing? Is it possible? Thank you in advance for any advice, or spell suggestions..
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Re: Painting as a tailsman?
Post # 2

It is entirely possible to do energy and spell working while painting and you could use it for the purposes of helping your friend. However, I would have to say that you might want to look for different authors than Silver Ravenwolf (Witchcraft is a practice and spirituality, not a religion in and of itself - Wicca is a religion and they are different things).

If you are going to do things in runes, I would suggest studying up on the various meanings of each rune and perhaps even make a bind-rune (combination of runes for a specific purpose). If you are going to use a simple script, you can write words like peace, prosperity, health, etc. - whatever you want to include in the painting for this person). All that aside, just weave your intent into the painting while you make it.

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