Blood magic?

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Blood magic?
Post # 1
can some one help me with this pleas i wanted to know more about it and its better to learn it from a person than from anything els

Re: Blood magic?
Post # 2
Are you sure you want to learn about Blood Magic? you will be delving deep into the Dark Arts.

Re: Blood magic?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
This is only a type of magick that can be dangerous. it deemed dark but there is balance . this website has become very biased towards. anything that seems dark. your best of asking darkishnick in the immortals keep. he will be able to help you more than i can.

Re: Blood magic?
Post # 4
I don't see blood magick as dark bt it can be dangerous for many different reasons.I have used it 2 or 3 times out of practing magick for 5 years. But to me its not bad just you need to be careful and know what your doing.

Re: Blood magic?
Post # 5
It very much depends on what you want to use it for and if you will know how to use it properly.

Re: Blood magic?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
The use of blood in rituals and spell work is as old as magic itself. Using blood is a way of powering your magic with a bit of your own life-force, and that can be a very powerful thing. However, if blood is to be used it not be blood from an animal or from someone who did not consent to its use. In fact the whole point of using blood is that it is your own blood giving power to the ritual.

There are times when using a bit of your own blood might be a very appropriate component to a magical working. If you are doing a working which involves the concept of personal sacrifice what more powerful sacrifice could there be then a bit of your very own life force?

Or it may be something which would be an appropriate sacrifice for the God or Goddess with whom you are working. Working with a deity associated with warfare and battle may mean that blood is the most appropriate offering for their assistance. My personal Patron is Sekhmet for whom blood is a traditional sacrifice. There are other sacrifices which can also be used when appealing for her aid such as red beer or water. However, if I am conducting a ritual where I really need and desire her assistance, then a few drops of my own blood are not only appropriate but is the sacrifice most apt to get her attention. For instance, when my mother had open heart surgery last summer it was some of my own blood I offered to Sekhmet to aid in a working to bring my mother through her surgery successfully.

Traditionally blood may be used to empower certain tools. In Norse practice the runes were and are traditionally empowered by adding a drop or two of the user's blood. This is a way of making an offering to Odin for the sacrifice he made hanging on the World Tree to gain the runes. And there the act of using blood on the runes ties them closely to the user.

So the upshot is that it is truly up to the individual as to whether they wish to use blood in their workings. If you do not wish to use it, then don't use it. But there are good reasons for the use of blood, so please don't write the concept off as being somehow wrong or dangerous and the people who do use it as being unethical.

Re: Blood magic?
Post # 7
Blood magick, there is nothing wrong with this as long as your donor gives you permission you can take your own or an animals, the blood has certain energies which are strong and when crafting a wand or other items a bit of blood makes it much more personal.

Re: Blood magic?
Post # 8
Unless you want to attract a vampire don't see the point in blood magic

Re: Blood magic?
By: / Beginner
Post # 9
What happens when you don't have permission?

Re: Blood magic?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 10
What gives power to using blood in ritual and magic is that it is part of a willing sacrifice. If you don't have permission to use the blood then it is no longer a willing sacrifice and that takes much of the power out of the act of magically using blood.

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