should i have done it

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should i have done it
Post # 1
should i have gave my friend a demon summoning ritual straight from my book of shadows? i'm afraid tht i didn't teach her enough and now she's gonna get harmed by a demon. we're not the best of friends but i'm afraid that if she gets hurt, i'll be the one who gets blamed which is what will most likely happen
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Re: should i have done it
Post # 2
what level in magic is your friend?
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Re: should i have done it
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Whenever we teach someone about spellwork or whenever we share spells with them we also take on the ethical burden of both what might happen to them if they use the magic and even what they might choose to do with the magic. In this case you have given someone spells that you don't think they are ready to do and which could cause them harm. That wasn't a wise move on your part and you may well take a Karmic hit for having done it. Hopefully in the future you will think more carefully before you do something like this again.
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Re: should i have done it
By: / Novice
Post # 4
if you're asking this question, then i doubt you should even have a summoning spell in your BoS. if your friend doesn't know the basics, circle casting, energy work, protection spells, then no, you shouldn't have. while not all demons are evil, they can be dangerous, without knowing exactly what you're doing can result in you/your friend getting hurt. try and convince your frield to hold off for a while until they know what they're doing, if they insist, you should join in just to be on the safe side in case something does happen.
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Re: should i have done it
Post # 5
i did tell her to hold off until i could teach her on monday, specifically for the reason that it can be dangerous. i was only able to teach her a basic shielding and grounding technique.
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