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Post # 1
Merry meet
Visualization is really hard for me, i do not understand what I do wrong I can sit and be completely still but when it comes to Visualization for get it and I have been a practicing witch since 9 years old
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Re: Visualization
Post # 2
I too have had this problem recently as a child/ teen early adult years no problem But now for past 2 years it seems harder to regain it to " stick" i start to visualize than next thing i know i loose it, So frustrating. Have you tried having a light trance music in the background? that is what aided me couple years ago.
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Re: Visualization
Post # 3
maybe start with visualizing memories since the picture is already there and when you get comfortable move on to more
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Re: Visualization
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Visualization is not an ability every one has. Many people have to learn how to visualize, and not all can do it very well.
What you can do is start small and work your way up. For example: take a marble and stare at it. Take each in each detail of the marble. Just study it for a time. Close your eyes and focus on the marble. Start with trying to visualize the shape. When are able to do this a few times successfully, add more detail. Colour. Then shades and highlights. Gradually add more detail until you can visualize the marble clearly.
It takes time and practice to get done. Try not to get frustrated. Remain calm for frustration could likely hinder you from reaching the goal.
You could also go into other additives. Cleansing and aligning your chakras. Many would say "oh, just open your third eye." No. Work on all and not the one. You could also try meditating with a crystal that helps with imagination and other means of such mental task before and/or during your practice in visualization.
Good luck in your efforts.
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Re: Visualization
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
Visualization I believe is obviously fueled by imagination which dulls with age. Growing up I possessed a strong imagination and now I find visualizing something's such as inanimate objects easy while visualizing images of people even those I've known for years harder or impossible. Visualization is used to focus on the subject of a spell and the desired outcome. I haven't mastered the outcome visualization exactly but one trick I used once to channel energy to another person was instead of visualizing a detailed image of them as the recipient of my energy I imagined a human shaped form made out of red energy (don't ask me why but when working with energy I tend to visualize it red by default). As that attempt worked ever since then I tend to visualize people as red human shaped energy rather than detailed images of them. I'm not sure if it's the best method but I've heard whatever works for you is best method for you.
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Re: Visualization
Post # 6

Just try not be aware of your surroundings when your doing visulizeation. then you start to focus and then you realise you can visulize.

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Re: Visualization
By: / Novice
Post # 7
Have you tried practicing your visualisation technique when you're relaxed in bed at night? I find it helps if your nice and relaxed so you could try having a hot bath first and meditating to prepare your mind before attempting the visualisation exercise.
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