NonMagical Surroundings

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NonMagical Surroundings
Post # 1
Is it okay to cast magic amongst people or surroundings that are not Wiccan? I try casting spells around nonmagical people, I usually do it sneakily. However, these days people are givng me strange looks and accusing me of bewitching them. I only do spells that corncern in grey and green magic. People are telling me to stop doing what I'm doing. When I don't listen, they throw insults at me saying "Nobody likes you." and "You won't ever be accepted." Last time, I tried to forget what magic was and I felt that I had lost my soul. The vast emptiness felt continued until I finally took magic up and started doing it again. I felt much better, but felt isolated from the rest of the world. The insults arose again and I was forced to enter darkness to cover the sting of the comments. Any ideas what I should do?

P.S. The comment you will never be accepted is probably true. The only beings that will accept me truly without hatred and bitterness are the spirits that I communicate with. Also, when I communicate with spirits people say I talk to myself when I'm actually not. When they ask who I'm talking to I have to lie because telling the truth would make them laugh at me. I seem to have no friends and not even my family can understand me. Everyone I thought was a friend has betrayed and left me alone.
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Re: NonMagical Surroundings
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
There is nothing wrong with casting magic around those who don't practice it themselves. But people will look askance at someone who talks to things they can't see or who starts chanting under their breath and waving their arms around. That's just human nature to try to avoid what is seen as "strange". But you might also want to consider that the energies given off by those who do not believe in magic may have a negative effect on your spellwork. That is why many of us confine our magical workings to the nighttime hours and do so in privacy.
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Re: NonMagical Surroundings
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I do my spell casting out of an altar in the extra bedroom of my apartment. They pale in comparison to the potency of spells I've cast while in nature, but we've all gotta make due with the circumstances we're given.

One word of caution I'd like to impart: elementals, creatures of the astral plane comprised of one (or several) of the five basic elements (earth, air, fire, water, and spirit), are afraid of steel. Know what has a lot of steel? Cities. It is much harder to commune with the elements in the physical plane, and elementals in the astral plane, if you're doing magic in a city (or a building comprised mainly of steel, or if there's steel furniture anywhere in the vicinity, etc. etc.)

So don't make the same mistake I did when I set up my first altar in the closet of my dorm room in downtown Atlanta.

Blessed be,
- Allison
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Re: NonMagical Surroundings
Post # 4
My family and my friends they don't belive in magick. But i belive in magick. They don't know that i practice or do magick. Sometime i also thought that i am far away from my family, friends. But I remember one thing that i realy close to nature and elements. Every real magick practitioner close to nature , god , elements ,etc.
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