Astral plane question ?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Astral plane question ?

Astral plane question ?
Post # 1
So, most ? mythical creatures ? are in the astral plane. I've read that dragons ( I don't know if this is all creatures or just dragons ) are very wise. Some people also think dragons used to exist on the physical plane. Could it be that once you reach a certain level of intelligence that you exist on the astral plane instead of the physical one ? I don't mean straight up randomly disappear, I mean once the species itself has figured their path out, they go to the astral plane ans help other species ? I'm sorry if this is fluff stuff, I just wanted to ask.
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Re: Astral plane question ?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
The way I view dragons is that their knowledge and audacity does not allow them to take physical form in our realm. They could if they so desired, however there would be nothing to gain, no reason for doing such a thing. By being in the astral, they are free to expand, and exist as they so desire - they will not be bound to the rules of our existence on this plane.

They are transcendent. And Transcendent they shall remain.

Now, practically anything is possible in the astral, therefore it would not make sense to say that a plane with almost endless possibilities is void of the seemingly impossible possibilities of this plane.

And yes, I do believe that after a certain amount of knowledge gained - an amount we cannot reach on this plane simply because we exist on this plane (which would be unquantifiable) - you have no need to exist in this plane any longer. You will be beyond that spiritually, and mentally. You will 'transcend' your current existence and move on to a new one.

I hope I am making sense.
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