Astral projection?

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> Astral projection?

Astral projection?
Post # 1
hey guys lol i just woke up, umm where to start... Okay so i can separate my mind mentally to a part of my spiritual body, (thanks to mediation) right before i feel asleep, a crushing weight on my entire body, i kinda remember it even though ive only astral projected once in my dreams- It was so vivid last time and i panicked cause i couldn't return to my body, i was trapped in my dream for probably 15mins last time, remember trying to scream so someone would touch my body and pull me back lol, in the end i just relaxed and returned.

Now im actually trying to do it purposely not accidently, for a first try i did alright, but the crushing weight kinda lost me a bit, am i suppose to relax and just let it take over or try staying conscious and start visualizing??
Again the crushing weight and the feel of my heartbeat pumping VERY irregular kinda is distracting, just need a tiny bit of guidance. Should i visualize or just relax when it happens?

P.s tried visualizeing the rope thing dont work, my mind makes the rope move itself
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Re: Astral projection?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Astral projection?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Either way you go, relaxation is a key to astral projection. Don't expect to get very far if you don't allow your self to get relaxed. Visualization can be used in various ways to help project, but not every one can do it this way.
A major point about this practice is that every one has their own way to accomplish projection no matter how similar one may be to the next. You need to find out what works for you. Stick with a method and work with it for a while before moving on to the next, if unsuccessful.
To help you with relaxing, I suggest trying a breathing exercise; as as the four-fold breathing exercise. This is done by inhaling for four counts; hold for four counts; exhale for four counts; hold for four counts; and repeat. The counts can be done by counting to four, focusing on your pulse and counting four heartbeats, or whatever way you wish to count these periods of four. Though the counting can be distracting, after a while of practice you can have your self trained to effectively do this exercise without the need to count.
Because the four-fold breathing exercise also acts as a centering, it's best to follow it with grounding. Centering and grounding not only works best when done together (one after the other), but they are very beneficial when it comes to trying to astral project. This is because you need some sort of balance and stability with your energy and a grounding of your negative energies. It is a basic blockage to success to not have these benefits.
Some things you can do is repeatedly tell your self, silently, that you will astral project. You could think of a place you want to project to and will your self to go there. That doesn't have to be visualized, but if you can visualize the place without it hindering you then, that's good to do. Otherwise, visualizing can be avoided. But some times it takes visuslization. It depends on what works for the person. These are focuses that just merely help you with projecting astrally and does not necessarily guarantee success.
All else is just practice and find what works for you.
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Re: Astral projection?
Post # 4

Nice reply Van.


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Re: Astral projection?
Post # 5
Hi,my 1st post,but wanted to reply to this.
A warning to be careful.I had once been trapped for 3 full days and nights.Knowing I was projecting,I really didnt try that hard to awaken cause I wanted to see how else it ws going to play out.
Its not always something good,fun or nice.Other words you dont have control over your astral self sometimes.In this case,I was inserted into another person quietly I observed all but had control to act as I wished w/out the person being aware of it.
Since then Ive stopped astral projecting cause its not a game to be played.3 times when i woke up,I was still in the astral which made me fearfull and the whole situation was negative to begin with.72hours of memories from a 60minute astral surf. GL Control is the key.Usually waking up is as easy as thinking it,but not this time.Theres something in the astral/physical plain that humans/aliens are interfering with technologicaly now. Im sure Im not the only one that has noticed this???????
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