Minerals and Gemstones

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Minerals and Gemstones
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Hello and welcome to my sum of knowledge on the effects and powers of precious and semi-precious stone in the physical world. This information might be against or contradictory to what you believe so please don't flaunt your beliefs on others.
WE can all agree that precious and semi-precious stone is one of the greatest marvels of this world and i will try to explain why we have a certain affinity twords special formations of minerals.

Difference between Cut and Uncut gems.

Cut gems are generaly more pleasing to the eye , the effect of a cut gem is especialy focused by its shape allowing for a smaller but more controlled energy source.In ancient times jewelers were given specific instructions on how to cut gemstones and jewels for priests and practicers of the arcane arts.

Uncut gems are in their raw and pure form radiating intense energy which is in a chaotic state and incredibly hard to control.

Scientifical and Pseudoscientifical facts:
-Minerals like all matter radiate energy , some to a dangerous high level such as uranium.
-Humans have an inherant love for minerals and their uses.
-Different kind of minerals produce different emotions and effects on humans.

Supercharged , and dangerous:
Radioactive minerals such as Iridum or Uranium , a human cannot harness their power physicaly without destroying themselves.If we could we would have way greater control over our surroundings with the ability to do it remotely (Various forms of kinesis abilities).

Format - < General effect > - < Description>

Amethyst - Power - Amplifies all forms of energy for up to 5 times. Best to use an uncut amethyst for any form of spells you will be doing. Ancient greeks believed ingesting or just wearing a bag of finely ground amethyst dust would ward off a hangover.

Tiger's Eye - Focus - Gives humans a natural predisposition to focus on the gemstone itself with its smooth shape and slick of soothing colours. They rarely appear cut , but thats preffered.

Pyrite - Alchemical ingredient - It has been used for ages in attempts to create the infamous Philosopher's stone by the general population of Alchemists in Europe.

Rose Quartz - Emotion - Intensifies any form of emotion a person is experiencing. Preffered cut version.

Aragonite - Affinity - Humans exposed to enought Aragonite show a wierd affinity for it. Use unknown.

Lapis Lazuli - Weak Amplifier - Amplifies any form of energy up to 2 times. Usable as a paint or a finely cut figurine , if used as paint it can be used for powerful sigils and runes.

Flourite - Weakening aura - Weakens a person , gradualy. Use cut preffered , purposes can mostly be evil.

Kalcite - Amplifies spirit phenomenon - Amplifies reactions from spirits. Best used uncut.

Halite AKA Stone salt in natural form - Wards off malicious creatures both corporeal and ethereal. Usable in any way.

Desert Rose - Absorbs energy - Absorbs excessive energy in an area , perfect for trapping spirits. Use uncut.

Wood opal - Attracts creatures - Anything from animals to spirits can be attracted to a specificaly cut Wood opal. Use cut as a fine figurine.

Gipsum - Absorbs concussive force - Absorbs low to medium ammounts of concussive force. Use However you wish.

Apatite - Imbue - Can be imbued with the pure force of will , no requirement for a complicated ritual , imbuing a finely cut Apatite with the will to heal or harm is fairly simple.
Use finely cut.

Sapphire - Divinity - Focal point for peering into a possible future clear sapphire balls are extremely expensive and hard to find but will allow for incredible visions. Use finely cut.

Ruby - Induction - If properly cut and enchanted the gem itself can force emotions into a person depending on the circumstance.
Use finely cut.

Emerald - Focus - Gives humans a natural predisposition to focus on the gemstone itself due to its soothing colours and ethereal aura. Preffered finely cut.

Jade - Illustrious - enhances the appeal of humans drasticaly while wearing jade jewels , especialy beads. Preffered finely cut.

Topaz - Powerful Absorption - Can absorb high ammounts of energy which can be discharged into an object or a human being over time. Use finely cut.

Hemimorphite - Euphoria - Affects the general happiness of the people around it. Best used as decoration.

Pearl - Illustrious - enhances the appeal of humans drasticaly while wearing jewels made out of pearls , especialy bead necklaces.

Opal - Prismatism - Causes random transformations of any form of energy into a random different one. Best used finely cut.

IF you have any questions or wish to know more about other gemstones or minerals feel free to write here. These are concepts which are mainly stated in eastern europe and some are actualy Scientifical and not magical or pseudoscientifical. Bye.

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