Working with candles

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Working with candles
Post # 1

I had someone ask me today how to work with candles.

I decided to start with safety rules first. I thought these ere common sense but i seemed that they were not so here we go...

These are the safety rules I listed:

1. Do not burn a candle near a heatng areas such as a stove dryer and things of that sort.

2. Please do not burn candles when sleey or tired.

3. Keep matches away from the Candles.

4. To keep from causing any burns do not mess with candle when burning.

5. Keep candle from flamable objects(Such as: curains, dried flowers and books).

6. Keep candles way from children or when children are playing.

7. Keep candles away from vents, hallways and place that causes drafts.

8. Make sure you use proper candle holders that are not made of wood and able to take heat and not shatter.

9. And trim the candle at least 1/4 an inch before lighting the candle

These hve been safe tips by Snow Queen have a blessed day

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Re: Working with candles
Post # 2

Very nice post, Welldone.


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Re: Working with candles
Post # 3
Good safety tips. Glad you posted this. Too many are unsafe with flame. I've been through 2 house fire (not from candles) and am safe myself. But many are not. Thanks for posting this all too needed common sense approach. Blessed Be...
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Re: Working with candles
Post # 4

I think it should be clarified for those that aren't familiar with candles that you trim the wick, not the candle (the part that actually burns).

I would also suggest to keep a clutter free area when burning candles and do not put them near any ledges. One form of thurible one can use is by placing a candle in a pot/bowl/cauldron (if you have one) full of sand. Also, remember that fire needs oxygen to burn, so if you need to put it out quick, block off the oxygen rather than trying to blow it out.

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